Ice baths for muscle recovery

Ice baths are commonly used by athletes to aid in faster muscle recovery, and there’s a good reason why! 

Cold water therapy is a very effective way to repair your muscles after a workout while increasing energy and improving sleep – two very important elements of a healthy and effective body. 

By definition, cold water therapy is the practice of exposing your body to cold water that is below 59 degrees Fahrenheit (and oftentimes much colder!). The sudden decrease in temperature sets off a few critical reactions within the body that can provide a variety of health benefits during and after your plunge, from better focus to more efficient weight loss to improved mental health. 

First, your body will increase your heart rate and blood pressure to conserve heat – this is called the cold shock response, and it is the catalyst for a few other reactions that happen in the body after that initial exposure. As your body adapts to the cold, your blood vessels will constrict and your brain will release endorphins, leading to that classic “tingly” sensation. After just a few minutes, the effects of your ice bath are locked in and will continue to impact your body in the hours after you’ve exited the bath and begin to warm back up to normal body temperature. 

After cold water therapy, your blood vessels will dilate again, and blood flow will increase to warm the body back up. Endorphins and a few other neurochemicals continue to be released in the brain, leaving you feeling energized and even euphoric. 

When it comes to muscle recovery, specifically, all of these reactions within the body can support recovery in their own unique way. The constriction and dilation of blood vessels help the body flush toxins, like lactic acid, out of your muscles and tissues faster. This same process also helps relieve pain and inflammation, making it easier for your body to repair the muscle micro-tears that occur during a strenuous workout.

Other ways to support faster muscle recovery with 10X Health

At 10X Health, we know maintaining optimal health requires a holistic approach. As part of our Wellness Plans, ProPlunge can offer clients positive outcomes in a fraction of the time and effort it would take to accomplish those results on their own. 

We also understand deeply that every person’s body composition is different, and some people may respond better to alternative therapies, especially when the goal is gaining muscle, losing weight, or training. While ice baths are certainly a popular option for muscle recovery, there are a few other ways you can speed up recovery and maximize the impact of your workouts, like:

Superhuman Protocol: Our innovative Superhuman Protocol is a three-step wellness treatment that harnesses the power of magnetism, oxygen, and light to restore and repair your body at the cellular level. You can learn more about Superhuman Protocol and each of the steps here.

Red Light Therapy: While a part of our Superhuman Protocol, red light therapy is also a great way to speed up muscle recovery on its own. Red light therapy works by penetrating your cells and encouraging both the release of toxins (like lactic acid) and the intake of oxygen, which makes your cells more effective at carrying out key functions, like muscle repair. Learn more about red light therapy for recovery here

IV Therapy: After a strenuous workout or training session, your body is likely dehydrated, and rehydrating quickly is the key to more efficient recovery. By doing an IV therapy treatment right before or after your workout, you’re not only locking in the effects of your workout, but you’re giving your muscles everything they need to recover. For more information on IV therapy for hydration and recovery, see here.

If you’re looking for a new way to level up your workouts and maximize your results, cold water therapy may be just the thing for you! Get in touch with our team today. 

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