Exercise is important, but recovery is more important

One of the most important ingredients to a healthy, happy, long life is consistent exercise. Physical activity is beneficial for not only our bodies, but our minds and our immune systems, and not getting enough exercise can have serious consequences, like unhealthy weight gain, increased risk for heart disease, and even anxiety or depression.

But, while exercise is critical for our health, recovery from that exercise is equally as important. Recovery in this context refers to the time period between the end of a workout and the point your body returns to a normal, resting state. Without proper recovery, your muscles won’t have enough time to replenish energy and repair damaged tissue, your lungs may not have enough time to pump oxygen to recovering cells, and the risk for injury increases significantly. 

So, now that we’ve established why muscle recovery is important, you may be asking yourself, “what’s the best way to help my body recover from exercise?” While there are lots of great treatment options and each individual will respond to treatment differently, red light therapy is certainly one of the biggest up-and-coming treatments for muscle recovery, and it has loads of great benefits for our bodies.

What is red light therapy?

Red light therapy is a fairly new wellness treatment that delivers red light to your body to penetrate your cells and help make them more efficient at carrying out metabolic processes. Here at 10X Health System, we deliver red light therapy through a red light bed – think tanning bed without the UV rays.

When red light enters your cells, it quickly reaches the mitochondria, where it forces the organelle to release unnecessary gasses and toxins and take in oxygen, which helps make key cellular processes much more efficient and effective throughout our body. 

Red light therapy has also been approved by the FDA for its host of benefits, including:

  • Increased detoxification
  • Faster healing
  • More effective pain relief
  • Better cell regeneration
  • Improved skin

How does red light therapy help with muscle recovery?

Red light therapy has been adopted by physical therapists and personal trainers alike as an effective way to help muscles recover, both right after a workout and in the days following to reduce soreness.

As red light penetrates cells, your cells’ mitochondria are prompted to release toxins and unnecessary gasses in favor of oxygen, which can aid in cellular restoration and repair. And, as your cells release toxins, it reduces inflammation in your muscles and releases the lactic acid buildup that causes soreness.

When doing red light therapy directly after a workout, the treatment can not only aid in quicker recovery (perhaps helping to avoid soreness and tiredness altogether), but it can maximize the impact of your workout, forcing your cells to take in more oxygen and be more effective at building muscle and burning fat.

10X Health’s Superhuman Protocol

While red light therapy is a powerful treatment to aid in muscle recovery alone, the 10X Health team has built an innovative, three-step treatment around the power of red light therapy that maximizes the benefits and gives healing power back to your body.

In step one, we harness the power of magnetism by pumping pulsed electromagnetic fields into your body and allowing your cells to separate, which accelerates healing. From there, you’ll partake in some exercise with oxygen training, which creates an oxygen-rich environment in your body to feed those newly-free flowing cells. Lastly, a red light bed delivers red light to your body and your cells, making it easier for your cells to take in and start using the oxygen you received in step two. This is where we see reduced inflammation, improved healing, and pain relief benefits.

As important as exercise is to our health and longevity, recovery from that exercise is equally as important, and red light therapy is a great way to aid in quicker recovery while delivering a mutlitude of other benefits to your body.

If you’re ready to experience the healing power of red light therapy, our 10X Health team is booking appointments for our innovative Superhuman Protocol treatment in Aventura, Florida! Book online today.

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