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What is the 10X Genetic Test?
The 10X Genetic Test is a non-invasive saliva/cheek cell test that examines 5 key genes impacting the body’s methylation cycle. The methylation cycle is the body’s process of converting raw materials into usable nutrients (think about how we can get protein from a piece of chicken). Based on your test results, you will get a report outlining where there are breaks in that cycle due to specific genes, and where you can supplement them to feel better.
Where are my results?
Results are currently taking up to 8-10 weeks to be completed. We are actively integrating faster labs we can work with to turn around your results more efficiently!
Got results, but have questions you want to ask?
We offer a 1:1 call with a 10X Health expert to help you decode your Genetic Test results and get your questions answered for an additional $119. Click here to learn more.
What genes does the test look at?
We look at the following 5 actionable genes that affect the body’s methylation cycle: COMT, AHCY, MTRR, MTR, MTHFR
I messed up my sample collection - what do I do?
Please email support@10xhealthsystem.com and we will get a new kit out to you for a $35 charge.
How do I buy the 10X Genetic Test?

You can buy it online by clicking here. We ship it right to you!

Will the results tell me what supplements I need?
Yes! Your Genetic Test report will include all the supplements we recommend you take based on your unique DNA associated with your methylation cycle, and an easy button to click to order them.
Bought the 1:1 review call but no availability?
We are currently onboarding a huge team of expert genetic counselors and clinicians to create more availability for these bookings. Bear with us! We’ll reach out very soon to let you know when more availability opens up.
Got an email your sample was rejected?
Our team will send a new kit out to you! Please review the instructions in detail as the swabbing mechanism may have changed from your initial test. Please also ensure you are the correct kit owner on the shipping label. If multiple kits are shipping to the same household, your kit ID is assigned to you and cannot be used by another member of the household.
My kit came damaged - what do I do?
Email a picture to support@10xhealthsystem.com and we will get a new kit out to you free of charge.


Why is everything taking so long?
If you placed an order on or around the time that Gary appeared on Joe Rogan Experience (mid-November), you’re likely experiencing some processing delays. In full transparency, it took almost 3 years for us to sell 20K Genetic Tests from our inception in 2021. In December 2023, we sold 20K Genetic Tests in that month alone. We are so grateful for your support and patience as we rapidly work to grow and scale our team and systems to serve you better. Rest assured that your order is in the works, and we’ll be in touch with updates as soon as possible.
How do I get in touch with someone?
Please email support@10xhealthsystem.com
I want a refund. What do I do?

Please review our refund policy here. For more information, please email support@10xhealthsystem.com

How do I become a patient of 10X Health?

Please fill out our Wellness Assessment to have one of our Wellness Advisors reach out to you!

Filled out a form but haven’t been contacted?
Please email support@10xhealthsystem. We want to ensure that there was not an error in our system when you filled out the request and our team will reach out!
Not in the US and want a Genetic/Blood Test?

At this time, we can only serve patients based in the USA. Please click here to join our International Waitlist so you’re the first to know when we expand to your area! We are not able to take outside labs from other countries either.


What does the 10X Blood Test look at?
The 10X Blood Test looks at 72+ biomarkers that help you get a granular look at every key function in your body, from liver and kidney function to glucose and hormone processing. The insights from this blood test will help our medical team determine if you’re a good candidate for further optimization through custom treatment protocols like hormone therapies, advanced supplementation, additional testing, and more.
I already bought it. When will I be contacted?
Currently, it will be about 8 weeks from your date of purchase until you are seen by a provider. Please be diligent in getting your blood drawn, getting your consent forms in, and filling out your health questionnaire to avoid further delays.

Once you get your blood drawn and we get your forms and lab results in, you are moved to our scheduling list for our team to reach out.

Please Note: If you haven’t heard from us, we didn’t forget about you! We are actively working to expand our clinical team to get you scheduled as quickly as possible.

I recently had labs done - can I use those?
10X Health does not accept external labs.
I had my lab review, what happens next?
After that call, you’ll reconnect with your Wellness Advisor. When you order your protocol and receive it, you will be introduced to a 10X Health Wellness Concierge. This person will be your point of contact to help you understand and stick to these new protocols and lifestyle changes between visits.
Waiting to be contacted for lab review?
Please reach back out to your Wellness Advisor for more information.
Is my treatment protocol included in the cost?
No – any treatment protocols recommended will not be covered by the price of the test itself.
What do I do if I miss my lab review?
Please email support@10xhealthsystem.com
When will my protocol medications arrive?
Medication orders can take up to 20 business days. We are actively working with our compounding pharmaceutical partners to improve this turnaround time.


Where is my supplement order?
If you have questions about your supplement order, please email supplements@10xhealthsystem.com.
What supplements does 10X Health carry?

10X Health makes our own supplements. Some of them can be purchased online at any time. Others may be purchased only after you complete your Genetic and or Blood Tests. If we do not manufacture a supplement ourselves, we will recommend a trusted brand. Not all of our supplements are listed on our website, as some of them are based on your precision wellness protocol and can be ordered through us based on your results and plan. To see the supplements available for purchase on our website without testing, click here.

Supplement in your protocol on back-order?
If a supplement is back-ordered, your protocol will be held until we can fulfill it in its entirety. As soon as all items are back in stock, we will ship out your order as quickly as possible!
Have dietary restrictions?
Our supplements are manufactured in a Kosher, Halal, vegan, organic, non-GMO certified facility located in the USA. Please note Colostrum and Omega 3 fish oil are not vegan.


I can’t log in - what do I do?
Email support@10xhealthsystem.com, we will help you troubleshoot!
My activation link is expired?
Your activation links are designed for single use and do not expire. If you’re directed to a login page when using the link, simply click the ‘password reset’ button to set up a new password. This will allow you to regain access to your account. Should you face any difficulties, please email support@10xhealthsystem.com
Can’t see consent forms or facing an error?
For any issues related to accessing or completing consent forms, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@10xhealthsystem.com.
I never got my activation link
If you haven’t received your activation link within 24 hours after purchasing a Genetic or Blood Test, please contact our support team at support@10xhealthsystem.com. We’ll verify your email address on file and gladly resend the invitation link to ensure account access.
Who is Biocanic and why am I seeing this?

Biocanic is 10X Health’s partner in the technology that powers the patient portal. Biocanic is a reputable fixture in healthcare, securely managing patient data for over 1,000 practitioners. To discover more about the company behind the 10X Health patient portal, please visit their website at https://www.biocanic.com/about/.

When I try to sign tells me I am no longer a user?

If you receive a “User does not exist” error, please make sure you are visiting the correct password reset page at https://portal.10xhealthsystem.com/session/forgot. Should the problem persist, do not hesitate to contact our support staff for further assistance.


Will my genetic data be sold?
Never. 10X Health is committed to the highest level of privacy and security for all patients and providers in our network.
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