IV therapy is dehydration’s worst enemy

If you’ve ever spent a long afternoon in the hot sun or gone for a long hike in the heat of Summer, you may have experienced a minor (or maybe more intense) case of dehydration. Since our bodies are more than 50% water and require fluids to function properly, when we are dehydrated, there can be a lot of possible consequences, like fatigue, dizziness, or confusion.

But, hydration is critical to a healthy body even before it reaches the point of dehydration. Getting enough fluids each day helps to regulate body temperature, prevent infection, move nutrients through the body, and keep organs like our skin looking healthy, too. 

While drinking water or an electrolyte-rich sports drink is a quick and accessible fix, IV therapy is a much more efficient and effective way to hydrate (or rehydrate) your body while giving your body a host of other important nutrients. 

How does it do that? Let’s dive in!

What causes dehydration?

By definition, dehydration occurs when you are losing more fluids than you are taking in. This can happen to anyone who just simply doesn’t drink enough water in a given day but folks are more at risk of dehydration when spending time in the sun or partaking in heavy exercise (or both at the same time!). 

Dehydration is also very common among folks experiencing nausea or other gastrointestinal issues, so many hospitals use IV therapy as their first line of defense for quick and efficient rehydration without irritating the stomach even more.

How does IV therapy treat & prevent dehydration?

As proven through years of hospital use, IV therapy is a very useful treatment to help rehydrate your body quickly and efficiently, either to recover from dehydration or to prevent dehydration in the first place, and in recent years, IV therapy has become much more accessible outside of hospitals.

IV therapy helps dehydration by providing fluids and electrolytes to your body intravenously, making it easier for your bloodstream to move the fluids throughout the cells in your body and leading to faster hydration.

Additionally, IV therapy can be fully customized to your unique needs, providing vitamins and nutrients that can aid in faster recovery from dehydration or address vitamin deficiencies that may make it harder for your body to intake fluids and electrolytes.

IV therapy is also a useful tool in keeping your body hydrated before it gets to the point of dehydration, and an IV drip is the best, most efficient way to get fluids, electrolytes, and other nutrients in your body. By adding IV therapy to your ongoing wellness regimen, you can ensure that your body is getting exactly the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive while keeping your cells and organs functioning with proper hydration.

Can IV therapy help hangovers, too?

Whether or not IV therapy can be a treatment for a bad hangover is a question we get a lot here at 10X, and the short answer is, yes – IV therapy can help hangovers.

Since hangovers are mostly caused by dehydration, IV therapy is a wonderful way to quickly recover after a night of drinking. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it forces your cells to remove fluids from your bloodstream at a much higher rate than it normally would, which can lead to quick (and sometimes severe) dehydration and cause the dreaded hangover.

By reintroducing fluids and electrolytes directly into your bloodstream without having to travel through your digestive system, your body can more efficiently recover from the dehydration and inflammation a hangover causes.

While most minor cases of dehydration can be treated by ingesting fluids or electrolytes orally, for more severe cases of dehydration (or to most efficiently prevent dehydration in the first place!) a more customized treatment like IV therapy is the better option!

Ready to restore, replenish, and rehydrate your body? 10X is now booking IV drips in Scottsdale, AZ, and Aventura, FL! Book your IV therapy appointment online, and let our 10X team bring the vital minerals and nutrients your body needs, right to the comfort of your home.

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