Your Blood Tells a Story

What Will Yours Say?

10X Health System Blood results packet

Is it a good one…?

Or a concerning one…?

You see, your blood has the potential to tell us the story of your wellbeing. And if you know how what to look for, you can increase overall wellness with lifestyle changes. And thankfully, we know what to look for!

For the past decade, I have researched ways to improve my wellbeing. I was in daily chronic pain and now, at 64, I am in the best shape of my life. I am free of pain, anxiety, stress, and I am able to accomplish more than any other time in my life.

Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone
We test for 68+ biomarkers — far more than what your regular physician checks for... We understand that your blood can tell us exactly how your body's doing at this very moment.

10X Blood Report

10X Blood Report

The only way you should be living

a client holding their 10X Health blood test package

Let me know if this sounds like you…

Are you tired of feeling not like your normal self? Is it hard to wake up in the morning… Having mid-day energy crashes?

Just feeling off? OR… Do you feel decent… just okay… but want to feel amazing…

Don’t you want to have unlimited energy… To run circles around your kids… To focus and think clearly…?

This is stuff we hear ALL THE TIME…

10X Health System Blood Report

And our recommendation is to get your blood report done. But don’t just do a blood panel, talk with our amazing team of wellness advisors that can read all 68 biomarkers and tell you exactly what you’re deficient in and how we can help you improve it.

We will show you exactly how you can get more waking energy and feel NORMAL…

The way you’re meant to feel.

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Those with poor blood sugar regulation may exhibit these signs and symptoms:

  • Getting “Hangry”
  • Struggle to wake up
  • Do not like to eat in the morning
  • Have energy crashes in the afternoon
  • Tiredness
  • Irritability
  • Low energy

Your blood, as mentioned before, tells us a story — a story about how your body is doing, how you’re operating, and what’s not working.

We can see how your blood sugar levels are doing, in other words, how well your glycemic control is.

Too much blood sugar forces your brain

to store it in areas that, with a lot of build-up, can cause your memory to fade.

If your brain consumes too much sugar

it can no longer produce it on its own, which eventually leads to an insulin-resistant brain. In other words, you’re at risk of developing what some medical researchers call “Type 3 Diabetes”, or as it’s more commonly known as: Alzheimer’s and dementia.

a grandfather smiling with their grandchild, an icon showing the brain processing sugar is overlayed in the corner

The good news is that our 10X comprehensive blood panel can provide visibility and control of your wellbeing!

a 10X Health System professional reviewing information with a visitor

When was the last time you were able to say you understood exactly where your symptoms came from and how to supplement your body in order to help you achieve optimal wellness?

The list goes on and on… And if it’s not handled properly (and timely), these issues will pile on until it’s too late.

So if you’re looking to feel better, then this comprehensive blood test is a MUST.

Get a hyper-personalized & highly-customized wellness plan that is tailored for you.

All it takes is one test. A comprehensive blood test that looks into more than 68 biomarkers including what essential nutrients your blood is deficient in… and nutrient deficiencies, as we know, lead to SOOOOO many diseases. Some of which are the most common today.

Most Common Symptoms of Nutritient Deficiencies

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • OCD
  • Poor sleep
  • Gut issues
  • Weight gain
  • Brain fog
  • Thyroid problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Bad temper
  • And more…

The list goes on and on… And if it’s not handled properly (and timely), these issues will pile on until it’s too late.


Now… what happens when your blood is Optimized

You'll feel more waking energy, No more brain fog or grogginess, More oxygen in your blood, Better immune system, Increased focus, Improved libido, More physical endurance, Blood that's just right - not too thick or thin, Regulated blood sugar and glycemic control, And more!

You are unique.
And so is your plan

Listening to your blood, body, and symptoms — How we do it.

With this type of information, we are able to formulate the ideal wellness plan based off of your individual needs and results.

There’s no “one size fits all” solution, which is why taking this blood test will help you uncover what YOU need. It’s time to say hello to your very own customized wellness plan!

We start with “The Launch Phase”. This comes right after you purchase your blood test. It’s in this phase that we go through your blood exam results and look at all 68+ biomarkers in your blood. Each one telling a different story about your wellbeing.

From there, you and your 10X Health System Client Advisor will review your results and recommend the best protocol suited for you based on your body’s needs. The beauty of working with us in optimizing your wellness is that we practice Personalized Precision Wellness. This means we tailor your protocols, supplementation plan, and others based on your body and wellness goals, while using the data we have on your wellbeing.

Phase One: The Launch Phase

Here are some of the biomarkers included in your comprehensive blood test results

  • Oxygen and performance
  • Energy and metabolism (thyroid)
  • Strength and endurance
  • Liver health
  • Hormone levels
  • Blood sugar control
  • Nutrient levels
  • Immunity and blood counts
10X Health System blood test biomarkers icons
Take our blood test and uncover the right protocol for you
Phase Two: The Maintenance Phase

During the “Maintenance Phase”, true optimization is received. In other words, this is where your ability to hold yourself accountable and stay disciplined comes to light. And the good news is, we are just as invested in your wellness optimization as you are.

Here, we follow up. We ask you how you’re doing, really.

We follow along your journey because we want to ensure that we are putting you on the right protocol, using the right supplements, and making the right lifestyle adjustments.

You have wellness goals. You deserve your dream body. You have wants and needs. And the beauty of your protocol is that it can be adjusted. With our blood test, we’re able to assess how you’re really doing by looking at the 68+ biomarkers, and using that data to determine the best course of action.

Without understanding the root of your symptoms, there’s no way to truly address and enhance your body’s performance. Because at the end of the day, this is what our blood test does for you. It helps you take control of your wellness journey.

Imagine what life could look like if you were running at an optimal state—the state you were meant to be in.

Let’s take control of your wellness. Together.

Take our blood test and uncover the right protocol for you