How does Superhuman Protocol work?

The Superhuman Protocol is an innovative, three-step wellness treatment designed to completely restore and regenerate your body from the inside out. The power of the Superhuman Protocol comes in how each of the three steps works together and builds on each other while providing their own individual benefits to your body and your health. 

Magnetism, oxygen, and light make up the three steps of the Protocol, and each works in its own unique way to give healing power back to your body and deliver a host of benefits, like improved skin, reduced inflammation, and increased circulation. 

But what does the Superhuman Protocol actually entail, and how do each of the steps work? Read on to get all the details!

Step 1: Magnetism

In the first step of the Superhuman Protocol, you’ll start by laying on a PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) mat, which will allow your cells to flow freely, recharging you at the cellular level. 

The PEMF mat, which we at 10X Health like to call “The BioCharger,” mimics the magnetic field that existed on Earth’s surface thousands of years ago which helped the cells in the human body be healthy and prevented clumping. PEMF recreates a process integral to human health that is lacking in today’s modern world.

We start with PEMF because it primes your body to more effectively accept oxygen from step two and light from step 3, but PEMF alone has some great benefits for the body, including accelerated healing and enhanced blood flow.

Step 2: Oxygen

Next up in the Protocol is Exercise with Oxygen Training (EWOT). Now that your cells are free-flowing and charged up, they are primed and ready to accept more oxygen than they normally would. To maximize the oxygen intake, we’ll strap on an oxygen mask and have you move your body so that oxygen is pulled into your bloodstream more efficiently. 

These days, humans are not getting the benefits of pure and high-quantity oxygen as we did thousands of years ago. When coupled with the decline of Earth’s magnetic field, the decline in oxygen consumption makes it harder for every cell in the body to receive the oxygen it needs to function at the optimal level. 

Oxygen is a crucial component of health because it ensures our cells are better able to battle disease and carry out important cellular processes that our bodies require to thrive. 

Step 3: Light

Red light therapy is the final part of the Superhuman Protocol. You’ll cap off your treatment by lying in a red light therapy bed, which delivers near-infrared light to every cell in your body. 

Red light therapy works by triggering the mitochondria of each of your cells to release toxins and take in oxygen, and, thanks to step two of the Protocol, your cells have plenty of oxygen to take in. 

In the same way that modern humanity has separated from Earth’s natural magnetism and oxygen, we have also shielded ourselves from getting the amount of natural sunlight our cells need to heal and repair themselves. But, red light therapy is meant to supplement that missing sunlight and build on the benefits of magnetism and oxygen. 

While starting with PEMF and EWOT will really maximize the benefits of red light therapy, as a treatment alone, it has some wonderful benefits for your body, like improved skin, faster healing, reduced inflammation, and even pain relief. 

Each step in the Superhuman Protocol is a beneficial wellness treatment by itself, but by putting these three powerful treatments together, we can help our clients 10X their health and ensure they are maximizing their benefits from their wellness routine. 

One of the things our clients appreciate the most about the Superhuman Protocol is that you can get all three steps of the treatment in just 38 minutes, a low time investment for the results our clients see. What’s more, there’s really no limit to how often you can do the Protocol, so as long as you’re feeling the benefits, it can become a regular part of your wellness routine.

Interested in learning more about the Superhuman Protocol? The 10X Health team is now accepting new clients in Aventura, Florida. Book your first appointment today!

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