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The website at 10xhealthsystem.com is owned and operated by 10X Health Ventures LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“Company,” “we,” “us,” or “our”). Our website links to other websites that are owned by third parties but that we control. This Privacy Policy and Terms of Use (“Privacy Policy”) describes how we collect information from you through our website and the linked third-party websites (collectively, the “Websites”), why we collect information about you, how we use or disclose this information, and how you may update, delete, or request identifiable information about you from our records. In addition, this Privacy Policy provides the terms and conditions of your use of the Websites. By using the Websites, you agree to the provisions of this Privacy Policy, and if you do not agree to the provisions hereof, please do not use any of the Websites.

Collection of Information and Use

The information we collect is either personal or anonymous.

Information is personal if it reveals or provides specific facts about you. On various pages of the Websites, you may voluntarily provide personal information, such as your real name, email address, postal address, phone number, gender, date of birth, credit card information, debit card information, and payment app information. If you submit an online application to open a 10X Health Center or to add 10X Health products or services to your practice, you will voluntarily provide additional information, including your citizenship status, education information, professional licenses and degrees, liquid assets, professional or employment-related information, income, credit, business ownership, business experience, business plans, and personality traits. We use the personal information that you submit on the Websites to fulfill your requests. For example, if you fill out an online form to receive information about one of our services, we will use your information to send you the requested information. Similarly, if you purchase a product on the Websites, we will use your information to process payment and ship the product to you. The information you provide may be furnished to a third party in order to facilitate the transaction. If you submit an application to become a 10X Health Center franchisee or to sell 10X Health products and services, we will use the personal information you provide to evaluate your application. In each case, we use your personal information for the purpose it is submitted to us, which may include providing it to third parties with whom we have relationships to deliver the information or services you request.

In addition, you may send us an email by clicking on the link for info@10xhealthsystem.com. If you do so, the personal information that you provide will be up to you, and we will use the information to provide an appropriate reply.

We may disclose your personal information to our affiliates, and we and our affiliates may use your personal information to send you information that may be of interest to you, including certain types of text and/or email marketing campaigns.  You have a right to opt out of receiving this information. See the section below, titled “Your Right to Opt Out.” You may view the Websites without providing any personal information. However, there are a number of products and services on the Websites that we cannot deliver unless you provide us the requisite personal information.

We will not sell any of your personal information.

Anonymous information is information that cannot be traced to a specific person. For instance, the Websites track the number of visitors we get, but we do not know the names, email addresses, or genders of the visitors from this data. This anonymous information helps us to better understand how visitors use the Websites and how we might improve them. In addition, we collect some anonymous information to improve your experience on the Websites. This additional anonymous information includes the visitor’s domain name, referral data (i.e., the last URL visited prior to visiting the Websites), and browser and operating system. We also track and aggregate activity to analyze the flow of traffic on the Websites.

Unless you request that we delete your personal information, we will retain your personal information indefinitely. We will retain anonymous information indefinitely, and we will not be able to delete the anonymous information we collect from you because anonymous information is stored without any links to personal information. In other words, there is no way for us to find and delete “your” anonymous information.


We use reasonable measures to protect your personal information. However, any information you provide through the Websites or email is not secure and may be intercepted by a third party. Thus, you send us information online or by email at your own risk. Some pages on the Websites may be hosted by secure servers. On these pages, the information that you provide is encrypted and protected with the encryption software SSL. While on a secure page, the lock icon in the URL field will appear locked.

Personal information is available only to individuals who need it to perform a specific task or duty, and a password is required to access personal information stored electronically. Moreover, we train the individuals that may have access to personal information on our security and privacy practices.

Internet Protocol Addresses

We record Internet Protocol (“IP”) addresses to analyze website traffic and to administer the Websites. Whenever you access the internet, an IP address is automatically assigned to your device. IP address information allows us to gather aggregate information to diagnose problems with our servers and to see how the Websites are used. This aggregate information may be shared with third parties, such as our affiliates and other businesses. The IP address information we share is anonymous. In other words, IP addresses are not linked to any personal information.


When you browse the Websites, your computer may download and store small data files on the hard drive. These files are commonly known as “cookies,” and they allow us to store and retrieve login information on your computer to improve your experience on the Websites. A cookie is a small text file that gathers and keeps track of information related to your device. Cookies automatically identify your browser to our server whenever you interact with a service provided on the Websites. Cookies can store your preferences through a password you select to access the Websites. Cookies enable us to review traffic patterns and improve the Websites. Most internet browsers automatically accept cookies. However, you can change your browser settings to prevent cookies. Blocking cookies may prevent you from using some of the features of the Websites. Cookies do not collect any personal information.

Your Right to Opt Out

We and our affiliates may use the personal information you provide to send you information that may be interesting to you. If you do not wish to receive any information from us or our affiliates, such as emails, text messages, or other types of information sent to you, you have the right to opt out of receiving such information. To opt out at the time you provide your information, you must check the appropriate box to indicate you do not want us or our affiliates to send you any information except for the information that you specifically request to receive. If you decide to opt out after you provide your information, you may notify us of your decision by contacting us at the address listed below or you may click on the “unsubscribe” link in an email you receive from us or one of our affiliates. In addition, you may click on the link at the bottom of the Websites, titled “Limit the Use and Disclosure of My Personal Information.”


The Websites contain links to other third-party websites. You may be asked by those websites to provide personal information or to release information you provided on our Websites. We do not require you to release this information to those websites. It is up to you whether you provide or release personal information to third-party websites. This Privacy Policy does not apply to those third-party websites, and we have no control over the privacy practices of those websites. Consequently, we are not responsible for their privacy practices, and we have no liability for any adverse consequences that may result from your use of those websites. You should be cautious when viewing other websites, and you should review the privacy policies of all websites that collect personal information.

Protection of Children’s Privacy

We will not knowingly request personal information from any child under the age of 13 without parental consent. When we do receive information from users under the age of 13 with parental consent, we will not share their personal information with any third parties, regardless of whether they consent to such use or disclosure at the time their information is provided.

Investigation of Complaints and Disclosure to Law Enforcement

We may use personal information to contact users about their inappropriate use of the Websites or noncompliance with this Privacy Policy. In addition, we may disclose personal information to another party, such as law enforcement agencies, to comply with subpoenas, court orders, or applicable law or to protect or defend us or our affiliates. In these situations, we may be prohibited from notifying you of the disclosure of your personal information under applicable law.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We will update our Privacy Policy at least once every twelve months. When we change our Privacy Policy, we will update the link on the Websites and we will provide the date of the revised Privacy Policy at the top of this page. If we want to use your personal information for a purpose that is materially different from the purpose given at the time we collected the information, we will notify you and ask for your permission.

Intellectual Property Rights and Disclaimer

The content on the Websites is protected by copyright law. You are prohibited from reproducing or copying, in whole or in part, the Websites without our prior written consent. The content on the Websites is for informational purposes only. We do not represent or warrant that the content is complete or accurate.

Change, Delete, or Request Your Information

If you would like us and our affiliates to delete or correct your personal information in our possession, or if you would like us to inform you of the personal information we have collected and with whom we have shared the information, please:

  • Send a written request to: Natalie Dawson, 10X Health, 2920 NE 207th St #901, Miami, FL 33180
  • Email a request to: INFO@10XHEALTHSYSTEM.COM
  • Submit a request on this website by clicking here
  • Call (844) 977-2810 and make a verbal request.

Requests to delete personal information are subject to applicable law.

Comments and Questions

If you have any comments or questions about this Privacy Policy or the Websites, please contact us using one of the methods listed above.

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