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At Home Genetic Test

Identify Crucial Gene Mutations

44% of the world’s population has at least the first of 5 gene mutations, and every gene mutation works against you.

Expert Analysis

Backed by years of research and a team of top-notch experts, take our at-home test to provide a complete report regarding how your body operates.

Supplement Protocol

Completely personalized to you to optimize and unlock your body’s true potential. Take control of your well-being today.

Blood Test

Your Blood Tells the Perfect Story

A super simple at-home test (or in your city) to measure your baseline with over 70 biomarkers, providing you with a full comprehensive report.

Custom Plan Made for You

Receive a personalized program unique to your body. Don’t go another day with your body working against you.

Expert Clinical Support & 1-1 Coaching

A personal wellness advisor will be with you every step of the way, along with a team of experts waiting to help you live better.

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Your body does not have to get worse as you age.

Optimizing your health and wellness is no longer complicated when you know exactly how your body operates. Download our Ultimate Wellness Guide to know the different pillars of your wellness, today.

Optimal Health Starts Here

Superhuman Protocol

Without these 3 pillars, we cannot survive, but with them, we’re superhuman. Superhuman Protocol is designed to give the healing power back using magnetism, oxygen, and light.
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icon of magnetism, part of 10X Health Superhuman Protocol

Magnetism – separates blood cells to accelerate healing & enhance blood flow

This allows our blood to move more efficiently through the body and transport more nutrients.

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Oxygen – presence of oxygen is the absence of disease

We often say, “the presence of oxygen is the absence of disease,” because no disease can survive in oxygen-rich environments.

icon of light, part of 10X Health Superhuman Protocol

Light – the building block to all 32 trillion of your cells

Of the 32 trillion cells that comprise the human body, the only receptor that every single one has is the Vitamin D molecule. It is the building block for all human health processes.

When it comes to 10X IVs, you can’t beat this drip!

Whether you’re feeling run down, dehydrated, hungover or just want to stay in peak performance, we got what you need!

Take charge of your future and start living your best life; come visit our clinic today. We’ll be here waiting to help you feel like a brand new person.

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Your Wellness Starts Today

10X Health 5 Step Approach: Genetic Testing, Personalized Supplement Protocol, Blood Testing, True Body Optimization, Superhuman

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