Redefining Wellness with 10X Solutions

We empower people to 10x their health & vitality so they live their optimal life.


We’re 10X Health System, and we’re on a mission to 10X people’s health and wellness throughout the world by enhancing human performance.

And here’s the truth… Modern medicine, isn’t a patient-centric practice. We want to bring you on a wellness journey that’s going to change your life for the better and propel you to the next level.

We do this by understanding your body and finding the missing raw materials that can help you perform more optimally. And that’s really what the 10X movement is about. The 10X movement is about DOING. It’s about being accountable. 10X health is about being. It’s about optimal health, restoration, cellular repair, and regeneration

And together…. We restore your passion, purpose, and physiology. We create someone that’s truly healthy and happy and give you the missing resources you need to accomplish all of your goals.


YOU are what helps make us unique. But it’s not just that. It’s the culmination of all these things that set us apart…

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Because we’re interested in treating the person and not the symptom, our results speak for themselves. Our goal is to help you take control of your health by giving you the power to heal your body naturally. That means no invasive surgeries and no prescriptions that only add to your list of symptoms. Whenever you interact with us or walk into a 10X Health center, you’re getting the best of the best when it comes to treatments, service, and value.

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There’s no better team to provide you with what your body needs than the 10X Health System team. Our team of medical professionals and healthcare experts work hard every single day to bring us to the forefront of preventative solutions that were created to help YOU live your best, healthiest life. We do this by bringing you quality care, expert advice, and life-changing solutions for your body and your health.

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If you’re interested in becoming a part of our 10X Health System movement, we have incredible business opportunities for those looking to join us in helping more people take control of their health and wellness journey.

We’re getting ready to open various centers throughout the US, and are actively searching for medical professionals who are interested in owning a 10X Health System franchise. Plus, by owning a center, franchisees are able to access a wide range of valuable and robust sales and business training programs that were created with the sole purpose of helping business owners grow, scale, and make an impact.

Learn more about this franchising opportunity, and how you can join us in our vision to positively impact the health and wellness of 100 million people.

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We have a remarkable group of partners that have helped (and continue helping) drive us closer and closer to accomplishing our goals. Each and every one of our partners are dedicated to our mission and vision to transform the health of millions. One of those partners being the NFL Alumni Association—an association made up of NFL alumni that are dedicated to giving back to their local community and providing care to former players, coaches, cheerleaders, executives, and spouses post their NFL lives. It’s partnerships like these that keep us inspired to continue doing what we do.

10X Health System Employee Explains Wellness Results to Patient
10X Health System Employee Explains Wellness Results to Patient


We make the ultra-complex world of optimal health, simple to understand so that ultimately, YOU are empowered to take charge of your own wellness choices. Our communication process has been streamlined to make the complicated process of communicating biomarkers and treatment options simple, visually appealing, and engaging so that you understand how to best support your own wellness journey!

Not only that, but we’ve created a simple, patient-centric model that brings the most current, valid, scientific wellness treatments straight to your fingertips through a highly-trained clinical team and wellness report, called the gene test. The genetic testing was custom designed to save Physicians and clinicians tremendous time in the diagnostic process so that they can spend more time treating your individual needs!



Get expert health advice from our team and elite network of healthcare providers and professionals:

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