Your Genes Decoded: Genetic Testing for Wellness

May 25, 2023 | Blog, Genetic Testing

What is genetic testing, and how does it work?

Genetic testing is the process of mapping and analyzing your unique genetic makeup in order to make action-oriented decisions about your health and wellness. The actual process of testing your genes differs depending on the test you take, but most genetic tests are done with a saliva or blood sample and are analyzed in a lab to give you a totally unique snapshot of your system. 

What types of genetic tests are available?

Between at-home genetic tests and tests you may take in your doctor’s office, there are tons of different types of genetic tests available today, and the sheer volume of options can be overwhelming. In general, though, most at-home genetic tests fall into three main categories: lifestyle, ancestry, and health and disease. 

Lifestyle genetic tests will mainly tell you information about your lifestyle based on your genetic makeup, like your food preferences or circadian rhythm, while an ancestry genetic test is used to determine where your family came from and your nationality or ethnicity. Health genetic tests, therefore, tell you information about your health and how well your body functions. This is the closest categorization for our 10X Health genetic test. 

What type of genetic test does 10X Health offer?

The 10X Health genetic test looks at common mutations of five different genes, MTHFR, MTR, MTRR, ACHY, and COMT. Each of these genes can tell us something unique about your health and how efficient your body is at carrying out necessary processes, including methylation.

What is methylation, and how do you test it?

Methylation is the process by which your body takes raw materials and nutrients and turns them into usable forms. The methylation cycle is responsible for a lot of key bodily functions, like detoxification, repairing damage, generating energy, and more. Mutations in the MTHFR gene are the best indicator of issues with this process, and a large population of people doesn’t even know they have the mutation that may be making their body less efficient than it could be!

How accurate is genetic testing?

There are a lot of factors at play that can affect the accuracy of a genetic test, and some gene test providers are certainly more accurate than others. Accuracy is often a challenge for genetic testing because we are essentially analyzing .1% of your entire genome, which is where your unique genetic makeup comes from. 

At 10X Health, accuracy is our north star, and we take it very seriously because the accuracy of our results and recommendations has life-changing implications. We have a few different precautions and processes in place to help us be as accurate as possible, like rigorous storage and testing standards for samples and having medical professionals overseeing the analysis of data to generate relevant results.

What is the cost of genetic testing?

The cost of genetic testing at 10X Health is $599. The nice thing about genetic testing is that you only need to do it once. Your genes are not changing over time, so once you get your genetic test results, you have everything you need to last a lifetime.

Is genetic testing covered by insurance?

Most often, genetic testing — especially at-home genetic tests — is not covered by insurance.

What are the differences between genetic testing and genomic testing?

Genetic testing and genomic testing are sometimes used interchangeably because both are related to the study of genetic material to draw conclusions about a person’s health or lifestyle, but they are actually slightly different. Genomic testing is the study of a person’s entire genome, or all the genes inside their body, while genetic testing is the study of specific genes and how those genes are passed through generations.

In the case of 10X Health, we are not looking at a person’s entire genome when we analyze our samples. Instead, we’re looking at just five particular genes that have the most significant impact on a person’s health and how their body functions. 

Who should get genetic testing?

Just about anybody can — and should! — get genetic testing to be more informed about their body, how it functions, and any potential issues or opportunities with bodily processes. But, most people seek out genetic testing for one of two reasons. 

One is that they want to understand how they can optimize their system to maximize their health and wellness routines. By understanding your unique genetic makeup, you can ensure that you’re addressing potential inefficiencies and maximizing the benefits of your workouts, diet, or other wellness activities. 

The second is that they’ve noticed certain symptoms or problems that can be linked to a genetic mutation and are looking for the best, most effective way to treat those symptoms.

Common symptoms of genetic mutations

In the context of the genes responsible for methylation — which are what we test and analyze at 10X Health — there are a few common things our clients notice before seeking a genetic test that may indicate a problem with this process. 

Things like gut issues, poor sleep, weight gain, or problems focusing are some of the biggest ones we hear from clients, but every person’s body is slightly different, so, it can be hard to tie symptoms to a genetic mutation 100% of the time. A genetic test is the best and most effective way to determine if your ongoing symptoms or challenges are related to your genes and, more importantly, what you can do to fix them.

What are the potential risks and benefits of genetic testing?

In the case of genetic testing, the benefits far outweigh the potential risks. There are virtually no risks in the physical process of genetic testing because our test uses a simple cheek swab to collect a sample of your DNA for our lab to analyze. The only possible risk is emotional. Many people may be surprised by the results of their genetic test or uncover a mutation they weren’t expecting to have. While the results often catch people by surprise, we ensure that our results are delivered with plenty of actionable suggestions and information so you can address any mutations head-on and get back on the path to optimal health. 

On the benefits side, there are plenty! Understanding your methylation cycle through your genes can help you more effectively treat symptoms like poor digestion, poor sleep, or mood swings. It can also lead to more effective supplementation because you’re able to understand what essential nutrients your body may be lacking and ensure you’re getting the right dose to meet what your body needs. 

Can children undergo genetic testing through 10X Health?

Yes! The 10X Health genetic test is non-invasive, and a person’s genes won’t change over time, so identifying gene breaks early can be beneficial for long-term health. In fact, as we age, any genetic mutations or breaks within our genes may begin to replicate as cells replicate themselves, which can worsen the issues caused by these breaks. 

What does genetic testing entail?

Depending on the type of genetic test you take, it can look a little different in terms of collecting a sample, analyzing, and delivering results. At 10X Health, we aim to make our genetic testing process as easy as possible from the client’s perspective — we prefer to leave the complex analysis and deep-dive recommendations to us! 

Our genetic tests can be taken from wherever you’d like, whether that be at home, at the office, or somewhere completely different. We will send you everything you need to collect your sample and send it back to us. 

The 10X Health genetic test only requires a saliva sample collected through a cheek swab to fully analyze your genes. That’s it! You’ll swab the inside of your mouth, store your sample in a protected container, and pop it right back into the mail, where it heads to our lab, and we take it from there. 

How should I prepare to take a genetic test?

With how easy the collection process is, there’s no special preparation needed in order to get us the sample we need to effectively analyze your genes. Just make sure your mouth is clean so you can get enough genetic material on the swab when it hits your cheek. 

What genes does the 10X Health gene test look at? 

Unlike other at-home genetic tests on the market today, we look at a unique set of genes that tell us a unique story about your health and how well your body functions. We analyze MTHFR, MTR, MTRR, AHCY, and COMT, in our tests, which each play a unique role in the methylation cycle, or our bodies’ ability to process raw materials into usable forms: 

  • MTHFR is responsible for converting folic acid into a usable form, 5-MTHF, which is one of the most important raw materials in the body, and a break in MTHFR can cause a deficiency in this material, which usually leads to poor gut health, anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders. 
  • MTR and MTRR are largely responsible for your gut health, and mutations of these genes can lead to an array of gut issues, like gas, bloating, diarrhea, and more. 
  • AHCY mutations usually present in the form of psychiatric symptoms, like anxiety and depression, or addiction, because it is the absence of dopamine in our system. 
  • COMT is most closely related to your mind and is responsible for quieting your mind. Because of this key role, people with a mutation in COMT often have sleep issues and have trouble falling asleep due to a racing mind. 

What genetic conditions can gene tests detect?

Our genetic test is specifically designed to look at five genes that play an integral role in the body’s methylation cycle, so our tests are not able to identify or diagnose specific genetic conditions. What we can tell you from our genetic test, however, is that mutations in your genes may be causing your body to be less efficient, therefore leading to uncomfortable symptoms. 

If you’re looking to identify specific genetic conditions, an at-home genetic test probably isn’t the best choice. Instead, talk to your doctor about the options available in their office or practice. 

How is genetic testing regulated?

Several federal agencies are responsible for overseeing the production, distribution, and analysis of at-home genetic tests, including the FDA, the CMS, and the FTC. 

I’ve taken a genetic test… now what?

Once you’ve collected your sample and sent it back to 10X Health for our team to process and analyze, all you have to do is wait, and we’ll do the rest! 

How long does it take to get results from genetic testing?

Our genetic tests are in very high demand, so it can take some time to get results back after sending us your sample. We usually estimate a minimum of 6 weeks to receive your results, and if we think it’ll be longer than that, we’ll be sure to let you know at the time you purchase your test.

How are genetic test results used?

The results and information we gather from your genetic test can be used in a few different ways. First, we can use it to identify inefficiencies within the body and recommend ways to improve those processes to help you reach optimal health. Along those same lines, we can also recommend a custom supplement regimen that addresses any genetic mutations and can help get your body working optimally again. 

Will my genetic information be kept confidential? 

Absolutely! Unlike other DNA test companies, 10X Health will never share your data with any third party. Raw data and reports are securely stored within our HIPAA-compliant servers and can be quickly deleted at the request of the user.

What do genetic test results look like? 

Upon taking our gene test, you’ll get not only info about genetic mutations you may have, but we will also provide a detailed analysis of your results and actionable insights on opportunities to improve. From there, we will work with you to put together a diet and supplementation plan based solely on your unique genes. 

More specifically, we will take a deep dive into each genetic mutation we identify and ensure you have information not only on what symptoms this mutation might be causing in your body but also what you can do to treat these mutations and nutrient deficiencies. 

How do I interpret the results?

Our genetic test results are incredibly thorough and detailed, and we do our best to make it digestible for you, so you’re not having to wade through a bunch of scientific terminology to understand your genes. 

Something about our tests that really resonates with our clients is how we can point to specific symptoms they may be feeling and provide reasoning (a mutation) for those symptoms.

What should I do if I receive a positive result for a genetic break? 

Since we’re analyzing gene breaks that may contribute to our client’s overall health or certain symptoms they’re experiencing and not genetic conditions, a positive result is nothing to panic about. We also provide not only the direct answers to your results but also the steps you can take to treat or fix the issue we’ve identified in your genes. You won’t be left wondering what your results mean or what you can do next. 

The mutations we are identifying can usually be addressed with supplementation or other wellness treatments, and we will give you specific action items following your test to help you get on the right path quickly.

Why take the 10X Health genetic test?

The 10X Health genetic test is one of the most effective and actionable available to consumers today, and what makes us different is how we approach the delivery and follow-up of your results. 

What makes the 10X Health genetic test different? 

The 10X Health gene test is unique in that it’s a methylated gene test, meaning it tests how well your body is able to take raw nutrients, vitamins, and minerals and turn them into energy usable by the cell. Another way in which our gene test differs from others is that we take our tests a step further by providing a customized health roadmap based on your results, and you’ll get a dedicated team of experts to guide you through your health journey post-test.

What kind of genetic counseling is available after receiving my results?

From the time you order your 10X Health genetic test to long after you receive your results, you gain access to a dedicated wellness advisor that becomes your point of contact for all things 10X Health. Our experts will help you interpret your results, answer your questions, and set you up with your personalized supplement protocol or another wellness treatment based on your unique results. 

Ready to get started on your path to better health? The 10X Health genetic test is a great first step to determining the most effective course of action in your wellness journey. Purchase your gene test online today!

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