10X Health vs. 23andMe

We sometimes get questions from clients about how our test is different from 23andMe, arguably the most well-known at-home genetic test on the market. And it’s a valid question! People want to understand why they should choose 10X Health or if they can learn something new from the 10X Health genetic test if they’ve already taken the one from 23andMe. 

While both brands offer very accessible, at-home genetic tests through a simple saliva sample, there are three key areas where 10X Health differs from 23andMe: what’s tested, the purpose of the test, and what comes after.

Difference #1: What is tested

10X Health looks at five core genes in our genetic test: MTHFR, MTR, MTRR, AHCY, and COMT. Each of these genes plays a unique role in the body’s methylation cycle, which aids in DNA repair, gene expression, and the conversion of raw materials (among several other things). We focus on these five genes because they can tell us the most about our wellness and are some of the easiest to combat mutations when present. 

While there is some overlap in the specific genes each test analyzes, 23andMe is much broader and looks at a variety of genes that 10X Health doesn’t. 23andMe is also much more focused on identifying genetic diseases or mutations that cause a predisposition to diseases, whereas 10X Health is more focused on how genetic mutations are impacting the efficiency of key bodily processes. 

The effectiveness of your methylation cycle is not a key part of what you’ll learn from 23andMe, unlike you can with 10X Health.

Does 23andMe test for MTHFR? 

Technically, yes — 23andMe does test for MTHFR, but it’s not a core part of the test, and you need to do some extra digging in the raw genetic data provided with your results to determine whether or not you have a mutated variant of MTHFR. 

The level of importance placed on MTHFR variations is another key difference between 23andMe’s genetic test and 10X Health’s. MTHFR is one of five genes analyzed as part of our genetic test, and we provide very detailed information about any variants or mutations we find that may be impacting your wellness. 23andMe, on the other hand, relies on its users to interpret raw data and research that data themselves to determine whether they have a mutation in MTHFR. 

Difference #2: The purpose of the test

While both 23andMe and 10X Health are genetic tests with a focus on wellness, the reason why someone might take each test is distinctly different. 

People who go to 23andMe for genetic testing are probably looking to understand genetic conditions they might have or that they may pass on to their children. They want an array of data about their genes and easily-digestible insights. The 23andMe genetic test also has ancestry information, which some people are particularly interested in learning. 

People who come to 10X Health, on the other hand, are looking to take a more active role in their wellness based on their genetic test results. They want to know exactly where their body is functioning less effectively than it should be and gain specific recommendations for addressing genetic mutations or problems with their methylation cycle. 

Difference #3: What comes after 

While this is perhaps more of a difference between 23andMe and 10X Health as companies, in our opinion, what happens after genetic test results are delivered is equally as important. 

With 10X Health, you can choose to speak to a Wellness Advisor who not only helps you understand your genetic test results but sticks around to help you take action to optimize your wellness after the results are in. We make it easy to make changes to your routines to make a real impact on your well-being and offer in-house solutions, like supplements, blood testing, and our innovative Superhuman Protocol.

23andMe is all about the test, which, for someone that just wants the information about their genes and nothing else, is good. 

Is 23andMe worth it? That depends on what you’re looking to learn.

23andMe is a solid genetic test option for those looking for some general information about their wellness or genetic diseases they may have inherited or developed. But, if optimizing your wellness is a priority for you, 10X Health is the best genetic test option!

Order your at-home genetic test from 10X Health to get started today. 

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