Genetics and Nutrition 

When you think about weight management or the desire to lose weight, genetics is something many do not consider. In failing to reach the wellness goals we set for ourselves, we may blame not exercising enough or not sticking to a rigid diet for our shortcomings. But what if our genetics is the reason we’re not achieving what we want to? 

Our genes not only influence our desires for certain foods, but they also influence how those foods and the nutrients in them are absorbed and used by our bodies. Genes directly affect processes like metabolism, nutrient absorption, and the likelihood of developing certain health conditions. 

How Your Genes Affect Weight 

Genes contribute to how much a person weighs in many ways by affecting appetite, satiety (a feeling of fullness), metabolism, food cravings, body-fat distribution, and the tendency to use eating to reduce stress. The strength of the genetic influence that genes have on weight varies from person to person. 

In some instances, the genetic influence on a person’s predisposition to be overweight can be as high as 70% to 80%!

Knowing which foods to focus on and which to avoid based on your genetic make-up may be beneficial in establishing the right eating habits to reach optimal wellness. If you know what nutrients will be absorbed the best by your body, which may negatively affect your progress toward wellness, you may be able to tailor your diet to ensure success. 

What if there was a way to find out which foods and nutrients worked best for you in order to bring you closer to your wellness goals? There is! 

10X Health Precision Genetic Testing 

10X Health has created an enhanced genetic test that takes the guesswork out of deciphering what foods, exercises, and vitamins work best for your body. One test can determine what your body needs to live your best life possible! 

One-size-does-not-fit-all. With precision genetic testing, you will learn exactly how your genetic makeup influences which foods, macronutrients, and micronutrients are best suited to you. There are trillions of different outcomes possible with this test based on the number of genes analyzed (over 50), but the result is a tailored approach to your wellness journey. 

What to Expect with the 10X Health Precision Genetic Test 

The process of taking the test is simple and painless. You simply order the test kit from us, collect a saliva sample, send it back to us in the provided envelope, and wait for your results. After our experts analyze over 50 different genes and how they function within your body, we will send you a comprehensive report with the findings. 

The 400+ page report (talk about comprehensive!) is your guide to understanding how your genes influence nutrition, weight management, and proper cellular function (methylation). Within the report, you will receive a nutrition plan based on your genetics, as well as a weight analysis. Recommendations for which vitamins and supplements will work best for you, as well as which foods are most compatible with your genetics, are also included. 

Based on your personal results, 10X Health will craft a multivitamin developed to maximize nutrient absorption and help maintain optimal blood nutrient levels throughout your day. This is specifically dosed to your health data to ensure you get the nutrients you need and aren’t taking unnecessary supplements that aren’t being absorbed by your body.

If weight loss is a part of your wellness journey goals, 10X Health will also provide a pre-meal supplement tailored to your genetic makeup that acts as a carbohydrate and fat blocker. This supplement acts to increase the absorption of essential nutrients and decrease the absorption of those linked to weight gain. 

Nutrition matters when it comes to reaching your optimal wellness goals, and 10X Health takes this seriously. Our focus on providing the best nutritional information personalized to your specific needs is what makes our Precision Genetic Testing stand out from the crowd. 

Reach Your Wellness Goals with 10X Health 

If you’re wondering if this test is for you or if it will work in bringing you to your optimal well-being, don’t hesitate. Building a framework for success based on your genetic profile is what 10X Health’s Precision Genetic Testing is all about. This personalized approach ensures that you’re working with your body to achieve the best version of yourself. 

Imagining what it would be like to reach your wellness goals becomes actually reaching those goals with 10X Health and the 10X Precision Genetic Test. 

Interested in how 10X Health and the Precision Genetic Test can help you reach your wellness goals? Order your test today

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