Investing in your health in 2023

It’s the beginning of a new year, and you know what that means. Everyone has a new-found motivation to make some major changes in their lives, whether it be in their career, their personal relationships, or, most popularly, their fitness and health. 

While about half of American adults are making resolutions related to their health in 2023, New Year’s resolutions are rarely kept through the entire year for a few different reasons, including lack of accountability, setting too high expectations, or not having a solid plan.

If improved health is on your list of resolutions for this year, genetic testing should be your first action to set yourself up for success in reaching your health goals and keeping your resolutions through the year.

What does genetic testing tell you?

At-home genetic tests have grown in popularity over the past decade thanks to advances in gene testing technology, and there are quite a few different types of genetic tests available on the market today.

Here at 10X Health, we offer a rather unique type of genetic test that looks specifically at your body’s methylation cycle by analyzing five actionable genes, MTR, MTRR, ACY, COMT, and MTHFR. Each of these five genes works together to tell a story about how efficient and effective your body is at turning nutrients into usable forms within your system. 

Even a small mutation – which around 44% of the population has – can throw your entire system out of balance and make it harder for your body to detox, repair damage, regulate hormones, and more. But, a genetic test can tell you if you have this mutation while identifying actionable ways to improve your health.

Benefits of genetic testing for health

The biggest benefit of genetic testing is the information you can gain from a simple saliva sample. Many people go their entire lives without knowing whether or not they’re deficient in vitamins from a mutation in their genes, and that’s a large population of people that aren’t making health choices based on their unique bodies.

But, the gene test itself is just the first step in how genetic testing can put you on a path to better health. The other great benefit of the 10X Health gene test is that we provide you with actionable insights and recommendations to improve your health. 

From specific treatments, like IV therapy or hormone replacement therapy, to diet and workout plans, we can recommend ways to optimize your system based on your unique genetic makeup. No two people have the same genes, so no two people should take exactly the same actions to improve their health. 

Our genetic testing clients, end up sleeping better, eating better, moving better, losing weight, and overall feeling better than they have in years, all thanks to knowing more about their genetic makeup.

How a simple gene test can 10X your health this year

Genetic testing from 10X Health is revolutionary and provides the most comprehensive snapshot of your body’s health so you can identify key areas of opportunity and prioritize your health in 2023. 

Ready to get started on your journey to better health this year? Well, the team at 10X Health is ready to support you! Purchase your at-home gene test kit today.

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