Your genes matter more to your health than you might think

You’ve probably heard of genetic disorders, but do you actually know what that means and what causes them? Genetic disorders actually take two forms: hereditary, where genetic mutations are passed from your parents to you, and acquired, genetic mutations that happen during your lifetime. 

But how do you know if your genes are mutated and putting you at risk for genetic disorders? Gene testing, of course!

There are lots of different types of gene testing that each tells you something different about your body, health, or even lifestyle, by looking at different biomarkers, but the type of gene testing we do here at 10X Health is very specific, and we are the only ones evaluating your genes for specific mutations that have been linked to health and longevity.

Our methylated gene test is a great way to take a snapshot of your current health and identify any mutations that cause your body to perform at a less-than-optimal level. What’s more, our 10X Health team can also help you act on your results by providing a holistic health plan.

But how does it work, and what does the 10X Health gene test actually tell you about your health? Let’s dig into the science behind it! 

What is the methylation cycle?

The methylation cycle is a bodily process that is vital in helping your body detox, produce energy, regulate hormones, repair damage, and more. In more specific terms, the methylation cycle is responsible for taking external nutrients and converting them into forms that your body can actually use. With the number of functions that the methylation cycle supports in your body, it’s critical that this process works properly and when not working properly or efficiently, can lead to a host of health complications and consequences. 

How do genes play a role in the methylation cycle?

Your body’s methylation cycle is heavily dependent on a specific gene called MTHFR, and 44% of the world’s population has a genetic mutation that makes it challenging to produce enough of the MTHFR gene and have a fully-functioning methylation cycle.

44% is a large number of people that essentially can’t properly create usable forms of essential vitamins and nutrients in the body. This can lead to diseases and vitamin deficiencies. Luckily, a gene test is an easy way to tell if you have this mutation and determine the best way to supplement your health and get your body performing at an optimal level again.

How do you test for the MTHFR gene mutation?

Gene testing on the surface is a fairly simple process. After ordering an at-home gene test, you’ll swab the inside of your mouth and ship the sample to our 10X Health lab where our team will process your test and analyze the results.

Behind the scenes, though, it’s much more complicated. Along with taking a comprehensive look at dozens of unique biomarkers in your genes that fundamentally affect your longevity and quality of life, our gene test also looks at the effectiveness of five actionable genes in your body in order to accurately plot your health course in response to any mutations you may have. Once the results are finalized, our team will put together a custom health plan that addresses all the findings of your test and gets you on the course to better, more efficient health.

This plan may include recommended treatments, like IV therapy, supplements, or other therapies, but it will be fully customized to you and what your body actually needs to function how it is supposed to.

Want to figure out if your body produces enough MTHFR and make sure you’re optimizing your methylation cycle? Order your at-home gene test from 10X Health System to get started on your wellness journey. 

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