Process improvement doesn’t just apply to business

If you work in a corporate environment, then you probably know how well-established and well-researched processes can make or break the success of your business. It’s often the major difference between a thriving company and one that’s just barely getting by. And, in our experience, no one can argue that process isn’t important… so why wouldn’t you take that same mindset when it comes to your well-being?

Just like processes keep a business running smoothly, your body has hundreds of different processes that keep you alive every day, and, when one or more of those processes are not working optimally, it can throw the entire system out of whack. 

The best way to identify breaks in your bodily processes is through comprehensive wellness testing, especially testing your genes and your blood.

What does genetic testing tell you?

Your genes are the most unique thing about you, and so they can tell a unique story about how your body functions that you can’t find anywhere else in your body. What’s more, your genes will never change, so once you take a genetic test, those results are true for life. 

There are lots of different kinds of genetic tests available today, and at-home genetic tests are becoming increasingly accessible. But, each different genetic test will tell you something slightly different about your genes. For example, a genetic test administered by your doctor may test you for certain genetic diseases or predispositions, whereas a wellness genetic test (like the 10X Health genetic test) will tell you some more general information about how your body functions

At 10X Health, we offer a unique kind of genetic test called a methylated genetic test, which provides data on how well your body turns raw materials and nutrients into forms usable by your cells. We test for mutations in five actionable genes that all play a unique role in methylation and, when broken, can significantly impact your well-being. 

Once we identify a gene break or mutation, we can identify inefficiencies in your bodily processes and even determine which specific nutrients your body needs to function properly. Genetic test results are the key to establishing a more effective supplement program that will actually make you feel better and reach your wellness goals. 

But, the power of these results is amplified when we use blood testing to fine-tune wellness routines and habits, leading to quicker results. 

What does blood testing tell you?

In general, blood testing can tell you things like your hormone levels, how well your organs function, whether you’re deficient in essential vitamins, and more. But, analyzing biomarkers in the blood has the potential to tell a much deeper story about your wellness. 

Many people get regular blood work done during their annual visits with their primary care physician, but what they don’t know is that these blood tests are usually only looking at the bare minimum and can’t proactively identify potential inefficiencies in your bodily function. 

The 10X Health blood test analyzes over 60 different biomarkers that give us a complete and comprehensive picture of the state of your wellness. We look at things like how well your body regulates blood sugar, whether or not your body is producing the level of hormones it needs to function properly, and even metabolic performance. 

The key difference between blood testing and genetic testing is that your genes tell us when something is broken and your blood tells us how that break is impacting essential nutrients and bodily functions. Think of it this way: if your genetic test results are the blueprints of a new home, your blood test results are the 3D rendering of that same home. 

Another key difference is that your blood test results can change over time as you introduce supplements or other therapies to address inefficiencies, but your genetic test results will never change. When you’re born, you are born with all the genetic information you’ll have for life, so, while we can’t necessarily fix a genetic mutation, we can adjust how we treat the body to account for the mutation.

Genetic and blood testing: the keys to optimal wellness

While genetic and blood testing can certainly be done on their own, combining the data from both tests can help us create a much more effective wellness plan than we’d be able to create with just one of the two. We always recommend starting your journey to 10X your wellness with both genetic and blood testing so that we can be more intentional in our recommendations and help you reach your wellness goals faster and more efficiently. 

If you’re ready to take control of your wellness and start a routine that actually works, purchase your at-home genetic test today! 

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