Our blood plays a very unique and important role in our health

Blood is the most crucial fluid within your body, and without it, your body would be unable to function. It’s responsible for transporting lots of substances throughout the body, like electrolytes, hormones, vitamins, antibodies, and oxygen, and it’s also in charge of transporting waste and carbon dioxide away from your tissues and organs. 

With so many important processes and functions relying on our blood, it only makes sense that our blood can tell us a lot about the state of our health and, more importantly, how to help our bodies perform more efficiently.

How blood tests for health work

Blood testing is performed in hospitals all the time as a way to diagnose diseases and identify other issues within the body, but health and wellness clinics, like 10X Health, use blood tests, too. While very useful to diagnose problems when you present with symptoms, blood testing is also a useful tool for learning about your health and potentially catching issues before they develop.

Through your results, our expert medical team examines dozens of unique biomarkers to create a really complete snapshot of your current health. By analyzing your blood at such a detailed level, we can not only understand what needs to be optimized but how best to do it. 

Although most primary care doctors and even many specialists will order blood work as part of your care or during an annual physical, it’s unlikely that they will look at your blood with this much detail, so we bet you’ll learn some new information than you’re used to getting! 

What can blood tests detect?

The most important thing a blood test will show is your complete blood count, or CBC. The CBC measures levels of different parts of your blood, from red blood cells to white blood cells. By comparing these values against a standard (or against your previous blood count), we can get a pretty good idea of how well (or poorly) your body is performing.

More specifically, your CBC can tell us:

  • Whether or not you’re dehydrated or bleeding
  • If your body is fighting an infection
  • If you have blood clots
  • If you may have anemia 

Outside of your CBC, we look at 64 other biomarkers that give us more detailed information about your organs and cells, including if you’re deficient in vitamins, how your organs are functioning, and even your hormone levels. Each of these unique pieces of information helps us identify the causes for any symptoms you may be experiencing and identify issues you may not even know you have.

The 10X Health blood testing process

While the analysis of your blood test is fairly complex, the actual process for blood testing through 10X Health is quite simple.

First, you’ll set up an appointment to get your blood drawn, either at one of our 10X Health clinics or at any LabCorp location in the US – or we can come to your home or office as part of our concierge medical care service.

From there, your sample will be analyzed by a team of experts and doctors in order to determine what your body needs to become more optimal. Lastly, we will deliver your personalized protocol complete with the results of your test, key learnings, and recommendations to improve how your system functions based on what we learned.

Whether you’ve taken a blood test before or not, we often recommend a blood test as one of the first steps to help our clients 10X their health because regular blood testing isn’t just essential to provide accurate and complete care, it’s also vital for understanding how our clients are responding to treatment and guide the program for faster outcomes. 

If you’re ready to get started, our team is ready to help! Schedule your first blood test today.

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