10X Health’s Precision Genetic Test 

Understanding what is going on in your body makes it possible to improve the way your body functions. The Precision Genetic Test from 10X Health analyzes the way more than 50 major genes in your body are operating, then makes recommendations based on your genetic makeup to improve your overall wellness. The best diet, the best workout, the best way to lose weight, and so much more, tailored specifically to you, is revealed by the 10X Precision Test. 

Typically, personalization isn’t common in the wellness industry. There seems to be an acceptance of a one-size-fits-all plan that many people buy into, but the outcome never matches the expectation.  

10X Health created the Precision Genetic Test to design an individualized approach to reaching optimal wellness. Every person’s genetics are different, and your genetics are what determine what works for your diet, your exercise routine, and your supplements. The same plan for one person will not work for the next because of genetics.

What the 10X Health Precision Test Can Teach You 

Are you ready to learn? The Precision Genetic Test from 10X Health is simple to take, but the results are anything but. 

Once you’ve provided a saliva sample to 10X Health in the envelope we provide you and your analysis is complete, you will receive a 400-page comprehensive report on how your genes are working, and what you can do to make them work better toward reaching your wellness goals. 

There are three main focuses in the comprehensive report you receive, including Nutrition Analysis, Weight Analysis, and a Precision Nutrition Plan. 

Nutrition Analysis 

Have you ever wondered why some people you know can eat anything they want and maintain a healthy weight, but you seem to look at a donut and gain 3 pounds? Our genetics are to blame! Genetics influence how different foods are processed by our bodies and how nutrients are absorbed. 

The 10X Health Precision Genetic Test will explain, in detail, what foods are most compatible with your genetic makeup, whether you want to lose weight or maintain your current weight. A thorough description of the macronutrients and micronutrients that are most suited to you and your genes will also be part of your nutrition analysis. In short, you will learn exactly what you should be eating and what you should be avoiding to reach your wellness goals. 

Weight Analysis 

Scientists estimate that 60 to 80% of obesity issues are due to genetic causes! Weight and nutrition go hand in hand, and the 10X Health Precision Genetic Test will provide you with information about how fats, carbohydrates, and proteins are affecting your weight. We will also tell you, down to the gram, what you should be consuming each day to either lose or maintain your weight. 

As part of your weight analysis, 10X Health will also make recommendations about what types of exercise would be best for you based on your genetics. You may be spending an hour doing cardio each day when, because of your genetics, you only need 20 minutes. Just like nutrients, our bodies react differently to exercise, and our genetics decide what works best. 

Also included in your weight analysis are directions on how best to preserve muscle mass during weight loss. Knowing which genes can contribute to muscle loss is important, and which training exercises you’re completing are also crucial to first maintaining muscle, and later to building it. The Precision Genetic Test will help provide this information and get you to your wellness goals faster. 

Precision Nutrition Plan 

Based on your genetic information, a breakdown of what essential nutrients and vitamins you need the most is provided in your Precision Nutrition Plan. There may be supplements you are taking now that are not doing anything positive for your wellness. The 10X Precision Genetic Test analyzes which nutrients work best with your genetics and provides that information to you. 

Your nutrient requirements are exact — in fact, there are over 700 trillion different outcomes for the genes tested in the Precision Genetic Test, so the results are unique and specialized to you. With this in mind, 10X Health formulates a personalized daily nutritional supplement based on your body’s daily nutritional needs. No more hoping that you’re taking the right multivitamin — this one is specially designed for you. 

If weight loss is one of your wellness goals, 10X Health can also craft a pre-meal supplement tailored to your genetic profile that acts as a carbohydrate and fat blocker. This supplement is designed to enhance the absorption of essential nutrients and block those that interfere with weight loss. 

With the weight analysis, you will also learn what foods are best for snacking based on your genetics as well as dishes that would work best for your genetic makeup to increase absorption of nutrients. 

The 10X Health Precision Genetic Test can teach you what you need to know in order to reach the best possible version of yourself. Optimal wellness is our goal, and with the results from this test, it is possible to reach it! 

Order your 10X Health Precision Genetic Test today to get started on the journey to optimal wellness!

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