No single health test is all-encompassing

While there has been some significant growth and development in medical technology over the years, there is still no single “silver bullet” test that can tell you everything you need to know about your body.

You’ve probably seen this in action if you’ve ever seen your doctor about a health concern or sickness. Oftentimes – unless you present with very unique and obvious symptoms – your doctor must run a few different tests to narrow down what may be happening and reach a conclusion. 

This is the same concept when you’re doing health testing as a way to identify risk factors and gaps in your health that prevent your body from performing at an optimal level. But, one of the best ways you can get a complete snapshot of your health is to pair tests together that can fill in the blanks of each other, like gene testing and blood testing.

Benefits of genetic testing for health

At 10X Health, we offer a methylated genetic test, which is unique from most other gene tests available for consumers to take at home today. By taking a look at specific enzymes in your genetic makeup, we can assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your body’s methylation cycle, which is a crucial system to help your body detox, repair damage, produce energy, and more.

Even a small mutation can cause your body not to produce enough of the gene responsible for this cycle, and 44% of the world’s population has that mutation. That’s a lot of folks whose bodies are not functioning as well as they could!

Through a cheek swab saliva sample and some help from our gene analysis experts, we can share lots of great information about your unique genetic makeup while at the same time providing suggestions for improving your health that may be hindered by your genes and enzymes.

The biggest benefit of gene testing itself is simply knowing more about your body and your health, and that knowledge can help you make intentional choices that may change your whole life. 

Benefits of blood testing for health

While gene testing can tell you a great amount about your health and your body, there are certainly gaps in what your genes are able to tell us, and so we always recommend our clients couple the power of a gene test with a comprehensive blood test to fill in any blanks.

Our blood tests look at 64 unique biomarkers to help you understand the state of today while identifying how to go about optimizing for the future. 

Blood tests are great at identifying how well (or not well!) your organs are functioning, levels of critical nutrients and vitamins, how hydrated you are, and more. With all of this information, you will have all the tools you need to increase your energy levels, improve focus, sleep better, grow muscle, and overall feel your very best.

Why gene and blood testing should be done together

Gene testing and blood testing alone are very powerful tools in evaluating your current state of health and identifying opportunities to optimize, but by taking these two tests together, you can ensure you’re getting the full picture, exhausting all possibilities at identifying issues you may be facing, and putting together the most comprehensive plan for improvement.

Ready to get a full snapshot of your health and get started on your journey to improving your health by 10X? Order your at-home gene test and schedule your first blood test today!

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