When you’re feeling low on energy the first thing most people do is reach for some candy, coffee, or energy drink for a quick fix. Though these might give you a sudden burst of energy due to their sugar and caffeine content, once the effect wears off you’re left with an oncoming crash and feeling even more tired. 

What you need is a long-term solution to help you stay energetic without sacrificing your well-being. 

The impact of low energy on your well-being

According to Food Insight, over 93% of Americans report consuming caffeine with 75% relying on having it at least once a day! Yet, while that cup of joe or energizing drink may offer a fleeting energy fix, it falls short in sustaining the long-term vitality we seek. 

The constant cycle of energy highs and crashes that accompany caffeine consumption can disrupt your overall equilibrium. Such dependence on temporary solutions may lead to:

  • Restless nights
  • Irritability
  • Lack of sustained focus
  • Increased breathing 
  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog 

What’s the best way to boost energy?

Now it’s time to shift your focus towards sustainable solutions that harmonize with your body’s natural rhythm. In this way, you’ll feel the effects of natural energy boosters and will notice significant improvement in the way you tackle each day’s tasks. 


When looking for natural ways to boost energy, supplements can play a significant role. These products, often sourced from natural ingredients, have the potential to support and enhance the body’s innate physiological processes.

For instance, specific vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts found in supplements can contribute to improved energy metabolism and overall energy. Essential nutrients like vitamin D, iron, and magnesium, are crucial for efficient energy production within cells

However, it’s important to approach these supplements with caution and consult with a healthcare professional, as the effectiveness and safety can vary depending on your body and lifestyle. 

IV Therapy

IV (intravenous) therapy can be considered a natural way to boost energy by delivering essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This method allows for immediate absorption of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that play a key role in energy production. 

Think of it like this: when you’re working and your stomach starts to grumble, it means you’re hungry. Oftentimes, if we don’t eat right away we start feeling sluggish and tired. Hence, we eat food. IV therapy works the same but a bit quicker! 

IV therapy can also be great for: 

  • Targeting vitamin deficiencies 
  • Rehydration and recovery 
  • Repairing skin and reducing aging 

Superhuman Protocol

Requiring less time than the typical lunch break, Superhuman Protocol is a three-step approach harnessing the power of magnetism, oxygen, and light to enhance your overall well-being and elevate your fitness performance to new heights. 

So if you want to get some exercise in but can’t find the energy to do so, the Superhuman Protocol may be the solution you’re looking for. This process has the potential to transform your body’s responsiveness to exercise and also offers advantages for individuals not engaging in daily intense physical activities.

Contrast Hydrotherapy

Contrast hydrotherapy serves as a natural energy enhancer by harnessing water’s therapeutic effects. Through alternating hot and cold water treatments like warm baths and cold showers, blood circulation is stimulated, muscles relax, and tensions are eased. This process triggers the release of endorphins, supports the lymphatic system’s function, and activates the immune system.

This results in heightened alertness, improved mood, and an invigorated overall feeling. A holistic method for boosting energy levels like the 10X ProPlunge, is especially beneficial for post-physical activities. However, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional before doing hydrotherapy, particularly if you have medical conditions.

Testing Hormones, Genes, or Blood

Testing hormones, genes, or blood levels can significantly help you identify a personalized strategy to naturally enhance your energy levels, making it one of the best ways to boost energy. 

These tests offer valuable insights into your body’s unique biochemical makeup, allowing for targeted interventions that align with your specific needs. Here’s how testing can contribute to your energy-boosting journey:

Hormone testing: Knowing what your hormone levels are may be the first step into getting the right guidance on how to solve low energy. Solutions like hormone therapy can tackle fatigue by balancing the hormones in your body, which in turn, correct metabolic system functions. 

Genetic testing: Through genetic testing, you gain insights into your well-being that would otherwise remain inaccessible. This method reveals functioning and non-functioning genes, fundamentally altering your well-being strategy and propelling you to achieve an elevated level of wellness.

Blood testing: Blood tests reveal which nutrients your body is lacking, shedding light on the underlying causes of lower energy levels. Different from a gene test, a blood test will tell you how your broken genes are affecting essential nutrients and bodily functions. 


Let 10X Health be your bridge to high energy levels. Order your at-home genetic test or schedule your first blood test today. 

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