Increase your energy, lose weight, detoxify, reduce inflammation, and boost your immune system

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life.

10X-Pro Plunge

the 10X Pro Plunge

3 minutes a day is all you need to 10X your wellness. Take advantage of the true power behind cold water therapy.

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Gary Brecka in the 10X Pro Plunge
If I could do one thing for my health for the rest of my life it would be cold water immersion. It’s mind-blowing so many benefits you get from just a few minutes each day.
10X Pro Plunge has been a game changer for me.
– Gary Brecka, Human Biologist

Experience the power of the cold

3 minutes each day for a faster recovery, healthier body, and stronger mind.

There’s science backed data behind cold water immersion helping you feel your absolute best. This is the same technique athletes, celebrities and the top 1% have used for ages, giving them the ability to recover faster, boost their mental health, and so much more.

We’re going to keep this simple. Cold water immersion is essentially the absolute best thing you could do for your health. If you had to design the perfect health routine, cold water would be high on the list because in 3 minutes you can:
Increase immune system support
Increase blood flow
Reduce chronic pain
Cold water immersion has the ability to activate your lymphatic system, coincidentally aiding in more production of your immune’s system’s white blood cells, increased blood flow, and the reduction of chronic pain.
woman with arms extended outward standing in cold water in snowy mountains
woman enjoying a drink after 10X care
Boost your metabolism
Sleep better
Reset your body and mind
It’s been shown that cold water immersion for just 10 minutes after excising helps you experience deeper, uninterrupted sleep, allowing you to reset your mind and mental state, as well as increasing your body’s metabolism by 15%.
Increase energy
Lower inflammation
Recover faster
Due to cold water immersion, the neurotransmitters in your brain significantly improve, which aids in boosting your energy, focus levels, and faster recovery times.
man wading in water

10X-Pro Plunge

10X Pro Plunge tubs and temperature control filter
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woman meditating during a 10X Pro Plunge cold bath

Iceless cold plunge bath meets hot tub on demand

Revolutionary portable and practice 10X Pro Plunge cools the water 37ºF or heats it to 107ºF in under 3 hours. Built-in filtration keeps the water clean and ready for you whenever.
10X Pro Plunge features: hot and cold settings, no ice needed, portable, boost recovery, no tools required

Natural way to experience amazing benefits

Better focus and energy

Thanks to some powerful neurotransmitters, submerging yourself in a tub of ice cold water (otherwise known as cold water therapy), can significantly improve and boost energy and focus levels—sometimes for hours after the immersion! This happens because our bodies release specific neuro chemicals every time you do cold water therapy, which in turn, allows you to feel alert and focused!

Recover quicker

Cold water therapy aids in the reduction of muscle inflammation, as well as delayed onset muscle soreness. The acceleration of the recovery process, coupled with good sleep and cold water immersion, has demonstrated the highest level of scientific evidence, with cold water immersion being very similar to icing—a method commonly prescribed and used to provide instant relief to acute injuries and muscle sprains.

Assists with weight loss

While there are certainly many physical benefits associated with cold water therapy, it’s also been shown to increase the body’s metabolism by a little more than 15%! Researchers have found that submerging in cold water has the ability to convert fat into beneficial brown fat—which is consumed to produce heat, instead of being stored as unhealthy fat.

Improves mental health

Cold water therapy has several mental health benefits, with studies showing that it can increase your energy levels, improve your mood, and overall brain function—all while reducing anxiety and stress! Not only that, but it’s been shown to help increase concentrations for two very powerful neurotransmitters—Plasma noradrenaline and dopamine—which help regulate things like sleep, alertness, and blood pressure.

Aids in better sleep

If you struggle with sleep—whether it’s falling or staying asleep—cold water immersion has been shown to improve just that. According to a study, researchers found that athletes who practice cold water therapy for just 10 minutes after exercising have a greater portion of deep, uninterrupted sleep within the first three hours, compared to those that didn’t.

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