What is Genetic Testing? 

Genetic testing looks for variations, or mutations, in your DNA. Genetic testing provides you with information about your wellness that you otherwise would have no way of knowing. It can tell you which genes are functioning correctly and which genes are not. The knowledge of this information can change the way you approach your well-being, and help you reach the next level in terms of wellness. 

There are many different reasons for having a genetic test done, these reasons include: 

  • To learn whether you have a genetic condition that runs in your family before developing symptoms 
  • To learn about the chances of passing on a genetic condition to future children 
  • To diagnose a genetic condition 
  • To understand how symptoms you may be experiencing are connected to your genes 

Genetic testing shows you a snapshot of your current well-being and allows you to be proactive about your wellness. If you know you are predisposed to certain conditions or diseases, making lifestyle changes may help determine if you are diagnosed later on. 

Pros of Genetic Testing 

Genetic testing offers many advantages when it comes to your personal wellness. The results of a genetic test can uncover so much about your body and how it functions. Some specific benefits of genetic testing include: 

It Offers Insight: Your genes are analyzed for any disruptions or mutations that may be present. This offers answers as to why you may be experiencing certain symptoms, and what those symptoms could mean in terms of overall well-being. 

Allows You to Act: A clear snapshot of your current wellness can guide beneficial lifestyle changes, or encourage you to have family members look into genetic testing as well. 

Uncertainty is Lessened: If you are worried about inheriting a certain condition, knowing if you have a gene mutation connected to that condition may relieve the anxiety you have about your current or future well-being. 

What is Involved in Getting a Genetic Test? 

Genetic tests gather your DNA from a saliva cheek swab sample, or a blood draw. The 10X Health genetic test uses a cheek swab to collect your sample, which you complete in your own home. The sample is then mailed back to us and the results are reviewed by our team of medical professionals. 

Once our expert team has reviewed your results, you are provided with a detailed report and recommendations based on what your specific genes have told us. Your personal wellness concierge will review the results with you and help you understand where your wellness is now, and what it has the potential to become. 

Many other genetic testing companies provide you with a report of your results, but do not review them with you, do not provide recommendations, and do not supply a personal wellness concierge to answer your questions. 10X Health provides all of those benefits in addition to support from your personal wellness concierge throughout your journey to optimal well-being. 

Why a Gene Test is a Must 

Your genes unveil your body’s well-being, as well as point to the potential you have to reach your optimal wellness. You cannot change your genes, but you can learn how they function through genetic testing and improve their performance. 

Your genes are responsible for transforming raw nutrients that enter your body into forms your body can use. When you have a gene mutation in your body, that gene isn’t functioning properly and your body is unable to convert some nutrients into usable forms. When this happens over time, a nutrient deficiency results. 

When nutrient deficiencies are left untreated, they build up and create problems in the body. By taking a gene test and understanding where these nutrient deficiencies may exist in your genetic makeup, you are able to take action to alleviate them. Adding supplements to your routine can help minimize nutrient deficiencies and encourage those genes to function correctly. 

Genetic testing is only needed once in your lifetime because your genes do not change. It allows you to see how your body functions and shows you exactly where to make the necessary adjustments to help it function at its best. Genetic testing really does give you a roadmap to your desired well-being. 

To find out more about how genetic testing can provide you with a roadmap to your ultimate wellness, contact 10X Health or order your at-home genetic test today!

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