What Does an Effective Immune System Do? 

An effective immune system works hard to fight germs and infections from making you ill. It limits the harm that invaders, like bacteria and viruses, can do once they enter your body. Not only does your immune system find and attack these germs, it remembers them and builds antibodies against them to destroy the germs if they try to attack in the future. 

How Do I Know If I Have a Poor Immune System? 

A weakened immune system can be identified through a number of different symptoms. Some of these symptoms include: 

  • Frequent colds or infections
  • Digestive problems 
  • Delayed wound healing
  • Skin infections
  • Autoimmune diseases 
  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Increased stress levels 

Certain medical conditions that you cannot control may negatively impact your immune system, including diabetes, cancer, and HIV, as well as aging and stress. There are also many lifestyle choices that you can control that can lessen the effectiveness of your immune system. These choices include smoking, drinking alcohol, and poor nutrition. 

If you suspect you have a compromised immune system, adding supplements to your daily routine may make a positive difference in the way you feel. Depending on your symptoms, certain vitamins may be more beneficial than others. The top three supplements to consider introducing to your wellness journey that help alleviate the most common symptoms of a weakened immune system are Vitamin C, Zinc, and Vitamin D. 

What Supplements Boost Immune System?

#1 Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and strengthens our immune system cells. It’s a vitamin the body cannot manufacture on its own, so it constantly needs to be replenished. The body uses Vitamin C very quickly when an infection is in the body, or when the body is under a lot of stress. 

There is research that shows supplemental Vitamin C may decrease the length and severity of cold symptoms. It also plays a role in healing wounds and is a potent antioxidant that can neutralize harmful free radicals. Vitamin C is also needed in the body for the development of collagen, as well as several hormones and chemical messengers used in the brain and nerves. 

10X Health offers a Vitamin C supplement that provides overall wellness support, as well as a range of benefits, including those mentioned above. This immune-boosting supplement provides you with the daily dose of Vitamin C that your body needs to help fight infection and feel your best. 

#2 Zinc 

Zinc plays a critical role in the look and feel of skin, immune function, and cell growth and may protect against acne, inflammation, and other conditions. Zinc is also needed for your body to complete vital processes. Zinc is not produced naturally in the body, so it must be consumed through diet or supplementation. 

There are many benefits to getting the daily small amount of Zinc that the body needs. The benefits that Zinc provides include

  • Shortening a cold 
  • Protecting eyesight
  • Lowering blood sugar and cholesterol 
  • Promoting wound healing
  • Improving sperm quality in men 

Your body only needs a small amount of Zinc each day, and 10X Health’s Zinc supplement provides that 30mg a day. Zinc is responsible for supporting so many functions within the body and is a crucial part of supporting your immune system. 

#3 Vitamin D 

Vitamin D is the only vitamin that your body can create on its own, which shows how important it is to overall wellness. Vitamin D has many important functions within the body, but facilitating normal immune system function is at the top of the list. When combined with Vitamin K2, the two vitamins work together to combat unhealthy inflammatory responses, and protect against serious illness and cognitive decline. 

These two vitamins work well in combination as one supports the other for maximum efficiency. Although Vitamin D is essential and important on its own, when combined with Vitamin K2, its efficiency is radically increased. 

10X Health offers a D3 + K2 supplement that contains the two essential fat-soluble vitamins that work together to support overall wellness. This combination ensures that Vitamin D transports calcium to your bones. ​Vitamin D3 + K2 supports optimal bone density and can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

The Final Word on Improving Your Immunity 

If you’re suffering from a poor immune system, it is important to get it back in top shape. 

Protecting your overall wellness is the job of your immune system and when it isn’t working as it should, your wellness is at risk. Start by considering supplementing the three vitamins mentioned — Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc — to boost your immune system and get on track for optimal wellness. 

Want to know more about how to boost your immune system? Reach out to 10X Health today! 

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