What is a Supplement? 

Many in the United States take supplements or vitamins to lead healthier lives. Supplements are meant to add to, or supplement, the nutrients you are already receiving through your diet. Meeting the daily requirements of essential nutrients is imperative to living a healthy life and reaching optimal wellness.. 

Medicines Are Not Supplements, Supplements Are Not Medicine

Supplements are not considered medications because they are not prescribed to treat or prevent diseases. Supplements are intended to improve or maintain your well-being and can have a lot of added benefits. You can choose which supplements to take and support a healthier lifestyle, but you cannot choose which medicine to take to achieve these goals. 

Taking Supplements and Medications 

First, it’s important to talk to a medical professional when starting any new medication — prescribed or OTC — or supplement. 10X Health employs a team of knowledgeable medical professionals and wellness experts to answer any questions you have about supplementation. 

During your personalized wellness review with 10X Health, our medical team will discuss with you the medications you are currently taking and how they will interact with supplementation. We will discuss your dosages, how often you are taking medication, and if your health status has recently changed. All of this will result in a recommendation from our medical expert regarding supplementation. 

How Do Supplements Improve Your Well-Being? 

The effects of supplements on an individual will differ based on many things like age, gender, weight, activity level, diet, dosage, etc., but supplements can definitely provide many benefits toward a healthier lifestyle. Some advantages of supplements include: 

Supporting Your Methylation Cycle: Supplementation can greatly improve the function of your methylation cycle. Your methylation cycle is the process by which your body converts raw nutrients into usable forms that the body needs. By supplementing the nutrients your body is deficient in, you are ensuring that your methylation cycle continues to run smoothly, thus keeping your body sustained with the energy it needs to function. 

The proper function of your methylation cycle also affects your hormone balance and ensures proper immune and nervous system function. 

Boosted Immune Function: In the United States, 95% of people are not meeting their daily requirements for nutrients, and are therefore considered nutrient deficient. A small deficiency in a required nutrient can have negative effects on your immune system. By supplementing nutrients you are deficient in, you improve your immune system. 

Enhanced Cognitive Function: Gaining brain power may not seem possible, but there are a few supplements that support cognitive function. One is DHA, a type of omega fatty acid. 

Increased Endurance & Cardiovascular Health: Certain vitamins and minerals do positively affect the way athletes train and can improve performance. 

Improved Energy Levels: Vitamins like B12 dictate how much energy your body has. B12 helps convert the food you eat into energy your cells can use, so if you are deficient in B12, your cells are not receiving the energy they need resulting in low energy levels. Supplementing B12 may help with energy levels. 

Many other benefits of supplementation include better sleep, improved digestion, weight loss, less brain fog, improved focus, lower blood pressure, better mood, less anxiety, and many more. 

10X Health offers the ultimate supplement protocol which can give you the advantages mentioned above and more. We use only the finest, high-quality ingredients on the market and no fillers. 10X Health also has a team of professionals to guide you through the process of supplementation. 

I’m Feeling Good From Taking Supplements, Can I Stop My Medications? 

The short answer to this question is “no.” Stopping medications on your own, without consulting your primary care physician, is never a good idea. Even if supplementation has made you feel better and put you on the path to an improved life, always discuss stopping or starting medications with your doctor. 

What Could Happen If You Abruptly Stop Taking Your Medications?

Many factors should be taken into consideration before you stop taking a prescribed medication. Discontinuing a medication may result in negative side effects and worsening symptoms based on your drug treatment, its chemical profile, and how the drug is broken down by your body. Talking with a medical professional prior to stopping any medication is highly recommended.

Interested in learning more about supplements and how they can benefit your lifestyle? Questions about supplementation in general? Let our professional team at 10X Health give you the answers and get you on your way to optimal wellness. Order your first supplements today!

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