How Does the 10X Health Genetic Test Work?

10X Health’s genetic test will tell you exactly how your genes are functioning and suggest ways to improve those genes that are not functioning properly. The test begins with 10X Health sending you a test kit. You swab the inside of your mouth with a cotton swab, send it back to us, and our experts take it from there. 

Once your sample is received by us, our experts will run the test and analyze the results. We will provide you with a report, as well as personalized communication about the results and recommendations based on your genetics. 

10X Health professionals will not only review with you where your body is now but explain the potential it has. We will provide you with an individualized supplement protocol based on your unique genetic makeup. 

Notice that the focus of our genetic testing is on personalization. We make sure that you understand the results of your genetic test and answer any questions you may have. Feeling confident that you are receiving the correct results and that those results are kept safe is important to us. 

How Does 10X Health Keep Genetic Test Results Safe? 

Providing a cheek swab with your DNA on it may, at first, not seem like a big deal, but we know that it is a very big deal. On that cheek swab is some very important information: your genetic code. We have our own HIPAA-compliant servers where raw data and test results are stored and can be deleted at any time at the request of the user. 

Many DNA companies sell genetic testing results to third parties, but 10X Health does not. We will never sell data or results. We know how important it is to keep your data safe, and we not only promise to do that, but we have the technology in place to ensure it. 

What’s The Big Deal If My Genetic Test Results Are Sold? 

Giving permission for your genetic test results to be used for research, or to be sold to other companies, is very easy to do but nearly impossible to gain control over once the information is out. Health and wellness data is very difficult to know or give informed consent on how the data will be used or how it may/may not be tracked back to an individual. 

Many of the DNA companies out there ask customers to opt in or opt out of sharing results, but this information isn’t always clear in their questionnaires. 10X Health does not, under any circumstances, sell your information. 

One “big deal” that results from other DNA companies selling your genetic test results is that the law governing insurance companies from accessing your test results is very narrow. There are many uncertainties about the safety of genetic test results once they are sold or released to a third party, and protections may or may not be offered.  

If your genetic test information is not handled correctly by a DNA company, the risk of hacking should be a concern. Although this issue isn’t unique to DNA companies, a hack into your most private and personal information could cause a serious situation. 10X Health works hard to eliminate this threat with our own HIPAA-compliant servers where your data is stored. 

One last thing to think about when using a DNA testing company is that they are bought and sold all of the time. Their rules change, so this means their rules about protecting your information can change without you knowing. 10X Health not only values your wellness but your privacy as well. Your genetic data will never be sold or shared without your explicit consent. 

Why 10X Health’s Genetic Test is The Right DNA Test to Take 

10X Health makes your well-being and privacy a priority. Knowing that your genetic data will not be shared or sold gives you peace of mind. We will make sure that you understand your results by providing you with a personal wellness advisor to answer any questions. In addition, you have control over your results with the ability to keep them safe on our HIPAA-compliant servers or to delete them any time you want. 

10X Health’s genetic test is a level up from the competition because we put you first. 

Considering genetic testing as a way of reaching your optimal wellness goals? Reach out to 10X Health to learn more and get started understanding your health, or order your genetic test.

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