Frequently asked questions about genetic testing

While gene testing has been around for several decades, at-home gene testing has only been widely available for the past 10 or so years, and there’s been a lot of great development in the space since then. Some tests focus more heavily on ancestral information while others are more health and wellness-focused. No matter the test you choose to take, research is a crucial step in the process.

With genetic testing being one of our most popular and accessible services, we’ve heard every question under the sun about our tests. Read on for answers to some of the most common questions about our gene test.

What genes does the 10X Health gene test look at?

The 10X Health genetic test looks at common mutations of five different genes, MTHFR, MTR, MTRR, ACY, and COMT. Each of these genes can tell us something unique about your health and how efficient your body is at carrying out necessary processes, including methylation.

What’s methylation, and how do you test it?

Methylation is the process by which your body takes raw materials and nutrients and turns them into usable forms. The methylation cycle is responsible for a lot of key bodily functions, like detoxification, repairing damage, generating energy, and more. Mutations in the MTHFR gene are the best indicator of issues with this process, and a large population of people doesn’t even know they have the mutation that may be making their body less efficient than it could be!

How does the 10X Health gene test differ from others? Why should I take it?

The 10X Health gene test is unique in that it’s a methylated gene test, meaning it tests how well your body is able to take raw nutrients, vitamins, and minerals and turn them into energy usable by the cell. Another way in which our gene test differs from others is that we take our tests a step further by providing a customized health roadmap based on your results, and you’ll get a dedicated team of experts to guide you through your health journey post-test.

What results will I get from the 10X Health gene test?

Upon taking our gene test, you’ll get not only info about genetic mutations you may have, but we will also provide a detailed analysis of your results and actionable insights on opportunities to improve. From there, we will work with you to put together a diet and supplementation plan based solely on your unique genes.

How often do I have to do gene testing?

Your genes will never change, so you only have to take the 10X Health gene test once, and you have results for life!

I’ve already done the 23andMe gene test, why should I take the 10X Health test, too?

23andMe analyzes your fixed genes, but it doesn’t give you any recommendations for changes to make based on your results. The 10X Health gene test has been created to look at only the most actionable genes that can tell us a lot about your health and provide specific ways to optimize.

There’s a reason gene testing is often our first recommendation for folks to begin their 10X Health journey, and that’s because your genes can tell us a lot about the current state of your health while also providing actionable insights for how to optimize your health through diet, supplementation, and other wellness treatments.

Want to see how our gene test can help you 10X your health? Purchase your at-home gene test today!