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Restore. Replenish. Rehydrate.

IV Drips are the fastest way for your body to get the vital missing nutrients and minerals it needs. 10X IVs are made specifically to aid in cell regeneration in your brain, skin, and muscles. They help restore and strengthen your immune system, hydrate your body, and replenish what you need to feel your very best.

10X Health System IV Treatment – 10X Cocktail


Includes a combination of IV fluids, vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants that help give you clarity throughout the day. Aids in detoxifying your body while boosting your immune system.

NAD+ IV Therapy



NAD stands for (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide). It’s found in all cells and is essential to living.


Essentially, NAD can help reverse signs of aging, delay or prevent the onset of certain diseases, reduce pain, and improve cognitive function.

  • Anti-Aging
  • More Energy
  • Weight Management
  • Resistance to Disease

decoding your genes

Simply put, Gene Testing (otherwise known as methylation testing) provides you with the most comprehensive snapshot of your body’s health. We do this by taking a look at what specific enzymes are affected by your genetic makeup, allowing us to assess whether or not your body is running the way it’s supposed to, and how to better optimize it—all based on your genes, no one else’s.

It’s an easy, straightforward genetic test that allows you to find out whether or not you’re having issues with your methylation cycle.

And the best part? You only have to take this test once & you have your results for life.

Service – Genetic Testing
A Woman Sits with Her 10X Health System Genetic Testing Results

Your Personalized Health Optimization Roadmap

We will help you best understand not only where you are at now, but what your body has the potential to become. Find out where you stand on essential biomarkers and receive your personalized plan to balance your body and put you on the path to your ultimate human potential.


Your blood tells quite the story. Just imagine this… Imagine being able to know exactly why you’re feeling sluggish, or “hangry”, or anxious, or bloated. Imagine knowing the root cause of your symptoms. Imagine having a life free of aches or discomfort and better living.

Well… you can!

Service – Blood Testing
10X Health System Expert Holding A Vial of Blood for Blood Testing
By looking at 64 biomarkers, our blood test gives you a complete snapshot of your health—it’s basically a deep dive into how well your pancreas, liver, kidneys, thyroid, and gallbladder are functioning, your Vitamin D and B12 levels, how hydrated you are, a full hormone panel, and your complete blood count.

This extensive blood panel allows you to fully understand what needs to be optimized and how to best do it. Unless you specifically request it, your yearly physical doesn’t even include a test that looks into all these biomarkers, but we do.

Think about it this way… this one blood test can give you the tools you need to get more energy, have better focus, a higher quality of sleep, muscle growth, and more!

Magnetism + Oxygen + light

Without them, we cannot survive. But with them, we’re superhuman.

Take control of your health in just 38 minutes with the 3-step Superhuman Protocol—designed to give the healing power back to the human body using magnetism, oxygen, and light.

Superhuman Protocol Logo

Step 1: magnetize

First, we have you lay on what we like to call “The BioCharger” mat. This mat pumps PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) into your body, allowing your red blood cells to separate into free-flowing cells, recharging you at the cellular level.

Depending on the frequency level, this can be used to accelerate healing and enhance blood flow—making it safe to use by anyone at any age, with almost any condition.

Duration: 8-10 minutes


Service – Superhuman Protocol


Once you’re done with the first step, your blood cells are now optimized for more oxygen absorption! This is the perfect window for some light EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Training). We do this by strapping an oxygen mask on you as you move your body in order to pump your blood and pull oxygen into the body.

This allows your body to create an oxygen-rich environment that improves your overall health by getting your heart pumping and effectively delivering oxygen to healthy cells.

Why is this important?

Because the presence of oxygen is the absence of disease.

Duration: 8-10 minutes

Service – Superhuman Protocol

Step 3: LIGHT

The third and final step is the easiest (and arguably the most relaxing) part of the Superhuman Protocol. By using Photobiomodulation (PBM Therapy), we have you lay on a near infra-red light therapy bed that allows you to harnesses all the nutrition from the sun with light!

This treatment process is then used to improve soft tissue healing, reduce inflammation, and aids in acute and chronic pain relief. It’s non-invasive, and unlike prescription drugs, has no negative side effects.

Duration: 10-12 minutes

Service – Superhuman Protocol

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Our mission is to empower people to 10X their health & vitality so they live their optimal life. We provide IV Drips, gene testing, blood testing, and specialized treatment that will make you feel superhuman!


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