Ozone: More than just a layer of our atmosphere

While many are aware of the ozone layer that protects us and our Earth from the sun’s stronger UV rays, medically administered ozone has become wildly popular over the last decade or so for its ability to boost the healing properties of many already effective IV therapies.

Let’s dig deeper into what ozone really is and what ozone IV therapy is, too.

What is ozone IV therapy?

Ozone IV therapy is the administration of ozone gas into your bloodstream to stimulate your immune system. Ozone is a three-molecule, clear gas made up of oxygen (whereas the oxygen we breathe is just two molecules) and when given intravenously, has some great therapeutic benefits.

Medical-grade ozone has been used in hospitals for decades, but ozone IV therapy is still a fairly new treatment and has risen in popularity as IV therapy in general becomes more and more popular, too.

Over the years, ozone IV therapy has been used to help treat various medical conditions because of its ability to boost the immune system and treat wounds from the inside out. 

Benefits of ozone IV therapy

While we are still figuring out all of ozone therapy’s potential benefits, ozone IV therapy has a lot of great known benefits for those who choose to add it to their health and wellness regimen. Specifically, ozone IV therapy can aid in the treatment of things like breathing disorders, diabetes, immune disorders, and even some viral infections. 

Even for those not facing the obstacles of active infections or immune disorders, ozone IV therapy can still be incredibly useful to your overall health and wellness by boosting your immune system (making it easier to fight off infections in the future) and reducing inflammation you may be experiencing. 

How does ozone IV therapy differ from other IV therapies?

Ozone IV therapy differs most from other forms of IV therapy in its benefits for your body, including improving your immune system, reducing the risk of repeat heart attacks, repairing stem cells, and healthier-looking skin.

When you schedule your appointment for an ozone IV therapy treatment, a 10X Health professional will prepare your customized Ozone cocktail (or IV drip) and can either administer it at one of our safe, convenient locations or from the safety and comfort of your own home or office. They will start by drawing some of your blood to mix the ozone into, which helps stabilize it before it goes into your bloodstream. From there, they’ll place the IV and pump the ozone and blood mixture back into your veins. 

While other forms of IV therapy can have anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting effects (like our most popular 10X Cocktail), ozone is particularly good at giving you these benefits during and after treatment, making it a great option for those with particular conditions or active injuries in need of a healing boost.

There are IV therapy clinics popping up all over the US, but at 10X Health, we take pride in our IV therapy treatments being just one piece of our holistic approach to health and wellness for our patients. From genetic testing to red light therapy to, yes, IV therapy, 10X can support every step in your wellness journey and help you become the best version of yourself.

Ready to give your immune system a well-deserved boost and reduce inflammation in your body? 10X is now booking IV drips in Scottsdale, AZ, and Aventura, FL! Book your appointment online, and our team of experts will bring a custom IV therapy formula and administer it right in your home.

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