Supplementation is the key to optimizing your health

With decades of combined experience in the health and wellness space on our team, we’ve learned from experience the true power of effective supplementation in transforming the human body for optimal performance. 

While there is no silver bullet that can lead to a perfectly optimized system, supplementation – when done correctly – can get you pretty darn close, and when mixed with other innovative therapies, we can give your body the tools and resources it needs to heal and regenerate itself naturally.

But, what goes into creating an effective supplement regimen? It all starts with testing.

Step 1: Gene and blood testing

In order to effectively supplement your system and tackle nutrient deficiencies, we need to first identify where those deficiencies are, and blood and gene testing are two of the best ways to do that.

Blood testing works by analyzing dozens of unique biomarkers to essentially measure how well your system is functioning. Your blood can be a very specific tool when it comes to your health, telling us everything from the efficiency of your organs, like your pancreas and kidneys, to your exact vitamin levels, to even a full hormone panel. 

Gene testing, while an effective tool on its own, works very well in tandem with blood testing to fill in some of the gaps we can’t quite get from blood testing alone. Our genetic test looks at five actionable genes where mutations can indicate vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, including MTHFR, which controls your body’s methylation cycle.

Through these two simple tests, our team of experts can deliver a complete snapshot of your health and identify the biggest opportunities for improvement through supplementation or other therapies.

Step 2: Your Personalized Protocol

Once your results are analyzed, the 10X Health team will then pair you up with your dedicated Wellness Concierge, who will walk you through your results and collaborate with you and our medical teams to put together a roadmap to optimize your health.

Your Personalized Protocol will tell you where you are deficient in nutrients and, more importantly, why you may be deficient. By identifying the root cause of the deficiency, we can more effectively supplement and provide other specific recommendations to address any issues or inefficiencies.

Oftentimes our Personalized Protocols will start with supplementation through traditional oral supplements or IV therapy, and our team works with you to deliver a precise dose of exactly what you need in your system to get to the optimal level. 

Above all else, your Personalized Protocol will be uniquely customized to you and is designed to not only address any underlying issues we discover during testing but also help you reach your health goals, whether that’s feeling better, looking better, or performing better.

Step 3: Execution and evaluation

Once a plan is decided, it’s time to execute it! We’ll work with you constantly through the treatment process to ensure your new supplementation regimen is working for you and you’re seeing the results you want.

We also recognize that optimal health takes time to determine the most effective treatment methods, so your Wellness Concierge will be by your side to pivot as needed to adapt to your changing body.

Ready to get started on your journey to improved health and wellness? 10X Health’s gene and blood tests are the perfect places to begin! Book your blood test and order your at-home gene test today.

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