Why is red light therapy so popular?

Red light therapy is one of the fastest-growing wellness treatments on the market today and for good reason! Not only is it super effective, but it’s non-invasive, has no negative side effects, and is FDA-approved, making it safe for consistent use by anyone of any age with any health history. 

One of the most popular reasons why folks seek out red light therapy is for its benefits for the skin, helping to make skin appear younger, firmer, and clearer. Aging and wellness experts alike agree that red light therapy has a ton of great benefits for your body and your health, especially when it comes to skin and other common signs of aging. 

How does red light therapy help with aging?

Red light improves the tone, texture, and thickness of the skin in a few specific ways. First, it has been shown to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin, and fibrin, three crucial proteins in holding skin elasticity and strength. It also encourages the release of toxins from skin cells, aiding in repairing damaged skin and producing fresh skin cells. Red light therapy is also great at improving blood circulation, making it easier for your red and white blood cells to heal the skin and any imperfections you may see on the surface. 

Red light therapy is a unique wellness treatment involving low-wavelength red light to penetrate cells and help them work more effectively. When red light touches your skin, it quickly makes its way deep into your cells as it sets its sights on the mitochondria, the “powerhouse” of the cell. Red light then forces the mitochondria to release toxins and waste in favor of oxygen, increasing the cell’s efficiency and energy. 

With the increased oxygen levels – and therefore increased energy levels – the cell can perform essential functions much better, leading to quicker muscle recovery, decreased inflammation, and, indeed, improved skin. 

All of these benefits of red light therapy combine to be an effective tool for managing the signs of aging skin, like wrinkles and fine lines, dullness, or scarring. 

Other benefits of red light therapy to enhance youthfulness

While changes to the skin are often the first signs of aging, there are some other common signs of aging that can hinder your ability to live a life as active and healthy as you once could, like less efficient muscle recovery and increased inflammation.

Red light therapy for muscle recovery

As we age, our muscles get less effective at repairing themselves, especially after intense exercise. Muscle soreness lingers for longer and we become more prone to injury. But, red light therapy encourages quicker recovery by forcing the release of lactic acid buildup and repairing microtears in our muscles caused by things like lifting weights. Many of our clients report not only feeling better but moving easier once they add red light therapy to their wellness or exercise routines. 

Red light therapy for inflammation and pain

After years and years of use, our muscles and joints slowly begin to wear down over time, which can cause inflammation and even pain throughout the body. By increasing blood circulation and promoting healing from the inside out, red light therapy can provide pain relief and reduce inflammation in aging bones and muscles, helping you feel younger and move better. 

As proven by its popularity and FDA approval, red light therapy is a powerful tool for anyone looking to reduce the signs of aging, relieve pain, or simply 10X their wellness for a happier, healthier life. Most experts agree that red light therapy is a safe, effective way for folks to improve their health and their body’s ability to repair itself when used as part of a comprehensive wellness plan, like 10X Health’s Superhuman Protocol.

Ready to see how red light therapy could help reverse the signs of aging and help you feel your very best? Contact the 10X Health team to learn more about our approach to anti-aging today! 

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