What is red light therapy?

If you’ve been keeping up with trends in the health and wellness industry, you’ve probably come across a lot of new and interesting treatments that each bring something unique to a holistic health regimen. For example, IV therapy can aid in rehydration and immune health, and red light therapy can support skin and muscle health. 

But what is red light therapy and why is it so widely recommended by health and wellness experts?

Red light therapy is a unique wellness treatment that delivers red light to your cells through a tanning bed-like machine. It’s FDA-approved to promote wellness and healing for your skin, muscles, and cells. Red light is special in that it penetrates all of your cells at once and pushes into the cells’ mitochondria, forcing them to release unnecessary gasses and take in oxygen. This process essentially powers up your cells from the inside out.

There are a few reasons why this treatment is FDA-approved and recommended frequently by wellness experts, and they all have to do with the wonderful benefits it provides to your skin, muscles, and cells.

Red light therapy to improve skin

Because red light therapy works at the cellular level, your skin cells are more efficient and effective at repairing damage and restoring your skin to the optimal look and feel. Through this inside-out regeneration, your skin can take a more youthful appearance, reducing wrinkles and improving the tone, texture, and thickness of your skin.

Red light therapy is also an effective treatment for other skin issues, like acne, scars, sun damage, and eczema or psoriasis. 

Red light therapy to aid in muscle recovery

While exercise is an absolutely vital part of health, recovery from exercise is equally important, and red light therapy is a very effective way to aid in muscle recovery immediately after a workout and in the days following. 

In addition to promoting oxygen intake in your cells, red light also encourages your cells to release toxins and unnecessary gasses, many of which can cause muscle soreness and fatigue. The faster your body releases toxins, the faster your muscles will recover. 

Red light therapy is also helpful to muscle recovery because of its ability to reduce inflammation and promote your cells to take in more oxygen, making exercise more effective in general.

Red light therapy for pain relief 

One of the biggest reasons that wellness experts recommend red light therapy is for its therapeutic benefits and ability to relieve pain and inflammation throughout the body. Oxygen is a crucial element in pain relief, and by encouraging oxygen intake by your cells, red light therapy can reduce inflammation causing pain and restore your cells to their optimal, pain-free state. 

Red light therapy as part of 10X Health’s Superhuman Protocol

With all the wonderful benefits that red light therapy can bring to your overall health, it makes sense that red light therapy plays such a vital role in 10X Health’s Superhuman Protocol, a three-step wellness treatment that allows you to take control of your health in just 38 minutes.

Before hopping in a red light bed, we leverage the power of magnetism and oxygen to first separate your cells into free-flowing cells and allow them to absorb maximum amounts of oxygen because the presence of oxygen is the absence of disease. 

While each of the three steps has its own unique benefits alone, together, these three unique wellness treatments can improve skin, reduce inflammation, and improve circulation. 

Want to experience the benefits of red light therapy for yourself? Our team is now scheduling appointments in Aventura, FL! Book an appointment today.

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