The growing popularity of light in health and wellness

Light therapy has been used in alternative medicine for years to treat an array of conditions, but it has become more mainstream as accessibility has increased and more people have discovered its benefits.

While also beneficial in reducing inflammation and promoting muscle recovery throughout the body, light therapy is most frequently used as a skin treatment. There are two major types of light that are used in improving the look and feel of skin: blue and red. The biggest difference between the two is the wavelength of each, and the difference in wavelength has different effects on the skin. 

How does light therapy work?

Regardless of the specific type of light, light therapy works in a similar way. As light penetrates your cells and reaches the mitochondria, it encourages those cells to release unwanted gas and replace it with oxygen, which, in turn, aids in repairing and restoring your body from the inside out. 

Light therapy is FDA-approved and is frequently recommended by wellness experts as an effective way to improve skin, reduce inflammation and pain, and aid in quicker, more efficient muscle recovery. 

Both red and blue light therapy can be done in a targeted way by only exposing a small area of the body to the light, like your face or a particular part that’s experiencing pain, or you can expose your entire body all at once with a light bed. Light beds are similar to tanning beds, but unlike tanning beds, the light you’re exposing your body to is not harmful and is safe for long-term use. 

Benefits of red light therapy

Red light wavelengths are between 630–660nm and 810–850nm, and red light is most often used to improve the tone, texture, and thickness of your skin. It’s well-known for reversing the effects of aging on the skin, like dark spots, wrinkles, and lack of elasticity. 

As your cells are exposed to more red light, they get more efficient at removing toxins and taking in oxygen, and the red light also promotes the production of collagen, elastin, and fibrin, three important proteins that help your skin stay healthy. 

Aside from skin, red light therapy is also effective at repairing muscle damage and making it easier for your body to recover from a workout or injury. In the same way, it also helps reduce pain because your cells are more effectively removing toxins that may be causing pain and inflammation.

Benefits of blue light therapy

While used in a similar way to red light therapy, blue light therapy has a slightly different effect on your skin due to the shorter wavelength (450nm to 500nm). Where red light is mainly used to repair skin on a deep level, blue light is more often used for purifying skin closer to the surface. 

Which is better: red light or blue light?

While both red light and blue light have complementary benefits, red light therapy is considered the more powerful of the two treatments because of its ability to penetrate deeper into your skin, therefore having a deeper impact on your cells. 

Red light therapy and 10X Health’s Superhuman Protocol

It’s clear that light therapy has a lot of wonderful benefits, but, when paired with the powers of magnetism and oxygen, it becomes even more beneficial. 

With 10X Health’s Superhuman Protocol, we set up red light therapy to provide maximum benefit to your skin and body by prepping your cells to more effectively take in oxygen. First, we send Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) through your body, which separates your red blood cells into free-flowing cells and makes them better able to move and easier to recharge. From there, we’ll turn your body into an oxygen-rich environment through some light exercise with oxygen training. 

Once your cells are more effectively able to use the oxygen and we’ve increased oxygen levels in your body, we let red light do what it does best: flush out cellular waste and promote the intake of oxygen, leading to maximum healing and repair. 

Ready to experience the benefits of red light therapy? Our team at 10X Health is ready to help you get started, and we are now booking appointments in Aventura, FL! Learn more and get in touch with us today

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