How much does IV therapy cost?

Depending on which provider or clinic you go to, where you live, and what specific type of treatment you choose, the cost for IV therapy can vary widely, and growth in this space has made the treatment very accessible for all, no matter their budget or circumstances. 

The increasing demand in the industry is closely followed by increased supply, and that’s shown by the dozens – maybe even hundreds – of new IV therapy clinics and providers popping up all across the country each day. 

But, if you’re considering IV therapy, either as a one-time treatment or as a more regular part of your wellness regimen, you should be thinking about much more than just the total cost, and, chances are, you’ll find that a few key elements are the biggest factors on the final price of a treatment.

So, what should you be looking for when considering IV therapy and a provider for it? There are three key things we always recommend to our clients.

1. Experience and certification of the provider

As with any medical treatment, IV therapy comes with potential risks, and safety should be a top priority for you as a potential patient. You should be looking for a provider that has proven experience in the medical space in not only administering IV therapy but also mixing the IV cocktails and properly dosing vitamins. 

Along with notable experience, providers should also hold the necessary certifications to administer IV therapy at the local, state, and sometimes federal levels. More importantly, a reputable provider will be willing to show you the certifications they hold. After all, without certification, there is no guarantee that your treatment will be as safe as possible for you and your health.

2. What’s in the drip fluids

Since IV therapy is the intravenous administration of fluids and nutrients, it’s crucial that what’s being pumped into your bloodstream is not only safe but dosed properly for your body and needs. You want a provider that uses only medical-grade saline solution, vitamins, and other minerals and isn’t giving you anything other than what you actually need in your drip.

On top of that, you want to make sure that the provider is using precision dosing and isn’t giving you too much – or too little – of the vitamins and nutrients you need and are paying for. Getting too much of certain vitamins comes with some potential consequences, so dosing becomes a safety issue as much as it is a cost issue.

3. Provider dedication to your wellness journey

As with any wellness craze, many are quick to take advantage of the growth in the IV therapy industry to make a quick buck and don’t look past the dollars and cents of a treatment or a client. But, health is incredibly personal, and having a provider that is just as invested in your health journey as you are is incredibly important.

Here at 10X Health, we believe in providing a higher level of care to our clients, and our goal is to support every part of your wellness regimen, whether that includes IV therapy or not. When you choose a provider like 10X Health, you’re paying for more than just a one-time treatment, you’re paying for the care and experience of our team and our deep investment in your health past that first appointment or interaction.

As with nearly any wellness treatment, IV therapy can be an investment, but if you break down what you’re really paying for when you get a treatment, you’re really paying for the safety and dedication of the team administering the therapy as part of your wellness journey, no matter how big or small.

Ready to invest in your health and 10X your wellness routine through IV therapy? Our team of experts is here to help. Book your appointment in Scottsdale, AZ, or Aventura, FL, and let our team bring the restoring power of IV therapy to you.

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