How Do I Know I Need Supplements? 

Taking supplements for the sake of taking supplements and hoping they improve how you feel is taking a shot in the dark. Supplements are meant to make up for vitamins or minerals your body is naturally lacking or deficient in. So, finding out what your body’s insufficient vitamins and minerals are is the first step in getting the most out of the supplements you take. 

Step #1: Gene & Blood Testing

Identifying which vitamins and minerals you are deficient in is the first step in starting an effective supplement routine. While gene and blood testing will separately recognize most of these deficiencies, completing both tests gives the best picture of your overall well-being. 

10X Health’s genetic test analyzes your five major actionable genes, focusing on MTHFR, which controls your methylation cycle. A mutation or break in these genes can signify a nutrient or vitamin deficiency. Studying your personal genetic information gives us the most accurate picture of your well-being, and allows us to recommend the exact supplementation you need. 

In addition to the 10X Health genetic test, the 10X Health blood test provides us with even more information that will ensure the supplements you take are what’s right for you. This blood test allows our team of experts to examine over 70 biomarkers in your blood. Your blood shows three very important elements for optimal wellness including nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, and glucose control. 

While both tests supply us with vital information about the state of your current well-being, the two tests together leave nothing to chance. The results from each test are delivered to you through a comprehensive report our medical team puts together. These detailed reports allow you to not only understand where deficiencies are but why they may exist in the first place.

10X Health also includes recommendations for what supplements you should be using based on your personal test results. You can also choose to have a personal wellness concierge review these results with you and be your point of contact to answer any questions along your wellness journey. 

Tips for Getting the Most from Your 10X Health Supplements 

Starting a supplement regimen, once you know which supplements you need, may help you reach your desired wellness goals. However, there are some lifestyle tactics to use in conjunction with supplementation that may help you reach those goals more effectively and in a shorter amount of time. Some habits that may help you get the most benefit from supplementation include: 

  • Eating a healthy and balanced diet. Although taking supplements leads to an increased level of nutrient intake, it is still important to eat healthy foods. Giving supplements an environment to thrive in (a body that eats healthfully) may help you feel better more quickly. 
  • Checking your prescriptions. Consult your doctor before starting a supplement regimen as even some common supplements can interfere with medications. Your doctor may advise you to take supplements at a specific time so that interaction with prescriptions does not occur. 
  • Knowing what’s inside. There is no standard formula when it comes to supplements. 10X Health sources and uses only the highest quality ingredients on the market. We also do not dilute our supplements with unnecessary fillers. Make sure to do your research on the supplements you take. 
  • Personalizing your formula. Taking supplements that you need to take is what will make them work most efficiently. This connects back to the blood and genetic testing that 10X Health provides prior to recommending a supplement protocol. 

Utilizing these tips when taking supplements may make them more effective, and may lead you to your optimal wellness more swiftly. It’s important to remember that taking supplements doesn’t take the place of taking care of yourself. The more focus on living with your well-being in mind, the more effective any supplement regimen will be.

Want to learn more about how 10X Health can help you reach your ultimate wellness through supplementation? Reach out to us today or check out our line-up of high-quality supplements

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