What does red light therapy do?

Approved by the FDA, red light therapy is a very effective wellness treatment that promotes cell restoration and regeneration from the inside out. As red light enters the body, it penetrates each individual cell and targets the mitochondria. Once it reaches the mitochondria, it encourages the cell to release unnecessary gasses and other toxins and take in more oxygen, which can aid in muscle recovery, improving the look and feel of skin, and reducing inflammation and pain in the body. 

Red light therapy can be delivered in a small, concentrated area of the body or through a machine that looks similar to a tanning bed but is built to radiate red light instead of UV rays, so it’s completely safe for your skin and body. 

Benefits of red light therapy

Red light therapy has a lot of great health and wellness benefits, from preventative care to treating specific issues or ailments. In general, red light makes your cells more efficient and effective at restoration and repairing damage, which can be visibly seen and felt through improvements to skin, muscle recovery, and pain reduction. 

Red light therapy is frequently used to improve the tone, texture, and thickness of your skin and reduce wrinkles. It does this by making your cells more effective at removing toxins and repairing damage from the sun, injuries, or simply aging. 

Wellness experts also recommend red light therapy as a way to speed up muscle recovery after working out, because it encourages your cells to release lactic acid, which is the main cause of post-workout soreness. It also helps your muscle cells regenerate faster and take in more oxygen, making workouts more effective at building muscle or burning fat. 

Lastly, red light therapy reduces inflammation in the body, making it an excellent treatment for pain. 

How long do red light therapy results last?

Depending on what you’re using red light therapy to treat, you may notice a positive change after just a session or two – like in the case of muscle recovery –, but more tangible results may take a few months of consistent sessions to appear – like in the case of improving the look and feel of skin.

Results from red light therapy are also not permanent, because of how quickly our cells replace themselves. Treated cells will regularly be replaced by new cells that haven’t received red light therapy, so results may begin to reverse as turnover happens. Our skin cells are especially fast in the replacement process, which is why sunburns usually only last a few days, and scabs form on open wounds within a few hours. 

Red light therapy requires consistency

As with most health and wellness treatments or regimens, consistency is key to both maximizing positive results and keeping those positive results for the long term. 

Because it can take time to see significant improvement from red light therapy, and because it’s not permanent, many people start red light therapy with the expectation that it will be an ongoing and regular part of their wellness routine, similar to working out or taking supplements. 

Luckily, red light therapy is completely safe for long-term use because it does not damage the skin or other bodily tissue, and, when coupled with other wellness treatments, like IV therapy or supplements, reaching 10X Health is completely attainable. 

Extending the results of red light therapy

While red light therapy results don’t last forever, there are a few ways you can extend the time your results will last, requiring fewer treatments in the long run. One of the biggest ways to really maximize the “punch” of red light therapy is through 10X Health’s Superhuman Protocol, which is a 3-step process that primes your body for the powerful effects of red light therapy. 

The Superhuman Protocol leverages three powerful elements – magnetism, oxygen, and light – to regenerate your cells from the inside out. Learn more about Superhuman Protocol here

If you’re looking to add red light therapy to your ongoing wellness routine for its wide array of health and wellness benefits, book an appointment with 10X Health in Aventura, FL, and learn more about our innovative Superhuman Protocol! 

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