Unlocking the true potential of supplementation lies in understanding what your body genuinely requires. The common practice of randomly taking supplements often yields unsatisfactory results due to a lack of precision. 

That’s where genetic testing comes in. This type of test is a powerful solution because it lets you identify your specific nutrient deficiencies, which dictates precisely what supplementation routine you need. You’ll get more effective and targeted results once you align your supplements with your body’s actual needs. No more supplementing just to supplement.

The connection between your genes and vitamin deficiencies

To understand how genes can tell us about our ideal supplement regimen, we first need to understand their connection. 

What is methylation?

The methylation cycle involves transforming raw materials and nutrients into functional compounds within your body. This cycle underpins crucial bodily processes, including detoxification, damage repair, energy production, and more. Notably, mutations in the MTHFR gene can signify challenges within this process, yet many people are unaware of this mutation, which might hamper their body’s efficiency. 

This, in turn, can profoundly affect determining which vitamins our body might be deficient in. When methylation switches specific genes on or off, they can influence how our body absorbs, utilizes, and processes vitamins and nutrients. 

Think of the methylation cycle as a conductor orchestrating a symphony of genes within your body. Like a conductor uses gestures to guide musicians, methyl groups are like musical notes directing your genes’ performance. They can enhance certain melodies or quiet others, influencing the harmonious rhythm of your body’s functions.  

What causes poor methylation?

Genetic factors, environmental influences, and lifestyle choices can cause poor methylation. Some of the key contributors include:

  • Genetic variations: Mutations or variations in your genes affect enzymes and proteins involved in the methylation process. These variations can be inherited from your parents.
  • Nutritional deficiencies: Low levels of folate and vitamins B12 and B6 can impair the methylation cycle. 
  • Chronic stress: Prolonged stress may lead to higher levels of cortisol (stress hormone) that may disrupt and impact gene expression. 
  • Environmental toxins: Any exposure to heavy metals, pollutants, and chemicals may hinder the methylation process. 
  • Unhealthy lifestyle choices: From poor diets and habits to a lack of exercise and excessive alcohol consumption, these factors negatively affect methylation. 
  • Aging: As we age, so does the efficiency of methylation, which contributes to a poor state of this biochemical mechanism. 
  • Medical conditions: Certain autoimmune disorders and chronic diseases can impact the proper development of methylation.

How do you test for methylation issues?

A genetic test can provide insights into potential methylation issues. Genetic testing analyzes specific genes that are involved in the methylation process. By identifying variations or mutations in these genes, the test can reveal whether your body may have difficulty performing effective methylation. 

These variations can impact how efficiently your body processes and utilizes nutrients, potentially leading to deficiencies and wellness issues. Therefore, a genetic test can offer valuable information about your methylation profile and guide you toward making informed decisions about supplementation and lifestyle adjustments to optimize your well-being.

Get a roadmap for personalized supplementation with 10X Health

While it might seem complicated, taking a genetic test is surprisingly straightforward. Using at-home genetic tests, such as the one offered by 10X Health, only requires a mouth swab. 

Once you send the sample to a laboratory, experts will process and analyze it. Then, you’ll receive a comprehensive report outlining your test results and tailored suggestions to enhance your well-being. 

Don’t wait another day asking yourself, “What supplements should I take?” Get a head start to better wellness and purchase your at-home gene test from 10X Health

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