The Link Between Genetics & Nutrition

Nutrition has been studied for decades. We’ve learned what foods are good for our hearts, what foods promote cognitive development, and even what foods will help us live the longest possible life. However, the focus of most studies hasn’t been on how genetics plays a part in how our bodies react to the foods we eat, until now. 

Nutritional genomics studies the interactions between genes and dietary components. Many recent studies have focused on the connection between genetics and metabolism and the impact of nutrition on the functioning of certain genes, and the results are interesting, to say the least. 

An article published in The Journal of the American Nutrition Association — as well as several other recent studies — asserts that nutrients have the ability to change the genetic expression of certain genes. This basically means that your genes function, either positively or negatively, based on what you eat. Because of this, personalized nutrition plans that promote health and prevent disease are possible to create. 

Thanks to the advancement of genetic testing technology, creating custom nutritional plans is not as difficult as it once was. A genetic test, like the 10X Precision Genetic Test, can analyze your genes to learn what nutrients will lead you toward optimal wellness and then craft a personalized nutritional plan for you to follow. 

Specific Genes Play a Starring Role in Nutrition 

Genes are important. They have a crucial job in making sure your body is functioning properly which results in maintaining your health and wellness. They are also dependent on the nutrition they are given in order to do their job well. 

The way your body processes and absorbs nutrients is also dependent on your genes. Knowing how your genes are processing and absorbing needed nutrients influences what your personal daily diet should include. Here are some examples of the genes analyzed by the 10X Precision Genetic Test and why they are important to your overall well-being: 


Methylation is a key process in the body that controls gene activity. This process affects health and disease by turning genes on and off. The genes associated most closely with this process is the MTHFR gene.

The MTHFR genes need the correct nutrients to do their job accurately. Vitamins B12, B6, and B2, as well as methionine and betaine are essential for proper methylation to take place. 

COMT Genes 

COMT genes use methionine indirectly to methylate various components of the body, including neurotransmitters. These genes are directly linked to the breakdown and release of dopamine in the brain. Too much dopamine can over-excite the brain and lead to aggressive behavior or impulse control. 

Nutrients needed for the COMT genes to effectively do their job include the B complex vitamins as well as magnesium. 

HFE Genes

The HFE genes affect the way iron is absorbed by the body. Iron is a key component of red blood cells that transport oxygen throughout the blood. Not absorbing enough iron can lead to anemia and a host of other symptoms, including headaches, fatigue, and sleep disorders. 

The 10X Health Precision Genetic Test examines these specific genes and more to determine their functioning. Once the functionality of the genes has been determined, a nutritional plan is created to increase their efficiency. 

10X Health Precision Nutrition Plan 

Once your 10X Precision Genetic Test results have been analyzed, you will receive a custom nutrition plan based on your specific needs. This plan is based on the genes mentioned above, as well as over 50 others that are impacted by nutrition. 

Not only will you receive feedback on what you should be eating based on nutritional values, but you can also order a personalized multivitamin. This multivitamin takes into account your genetic traits to ensure you are getting exactly what you need to support your body and your wellness.

If weight loss is one of your goals in reaching your optimal wellness, 10X Health can also provide you with a natural nutritional supplement that contains a ratio of fat absorption inhibitors and carbohydrate digestion blockers tailored to your needs. This supplement is made from raw materials with no artificial additives or preservatives. 

With your nutritional plan, you will also receive a training program. Moving your body is important, and knowing exactly what will work for you based on your genes is one of the keys to success. A comprehensive easy-to-read packet of activities that will lead you to your optimal wellness is included in the training program. 

Genes Matter Where Nutrition is Involved 

There is no “one way” to optimize wellness, and genes play a significant role in how nutrients are processed and absorbed by the body. Therefore, there cannot be a uniform nutritional plan that works for everyone. Personalized nutrition makes sense! 

Order your 10X Health Precision Genetic Test today to get started on the journey to better well-being.

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