Eliminating excuses for exercise with red light therapy

Whether you’re an avid “gym rat” or prefer to get your exercise in a lower-impact way (like through yoga or a daily walk), you’ve probably experienced the dreaded post-workout muscle soreness. This soreness – and other symptoms like muscle fatigue and joint pain – is caused by a combination of lactic acid buildup and the formation of tiny tears in the muscles as your muscles expanded during the workout. 

While it usually resolves itself after a day or two, slow post-workout recovery is a big reason why people don’t exercise as much as they’d like, and overusing muscles that are trying to recover can lead to injury and other long-term issues. 

If only there was a way to speed up the muscle recovery process so you can get back to the gym or hop back on the treadmill faster and, therefore, see the results you’re seeking faster. Well, there is – it’s red light therapy

How does red light therapy work?

Red light has been used in the wellness and medical field for decades because of the many benefits it offers, especially when related to improving the tone, texture, and thickness of the skin. Red light therapy is so effective because it impacts the body on the cellular level, aiding in better cellular function and metabolism.

During a red light therapy treatment, red light penetrates each of our cell’s mitochondria and forces it to release waste and toxins and take up more oxygen, which makes the cells more efficient and effective at carrying out crucial functions, like repairing damaged skin and even helping muscles to recover faster. 

Red light therapy is FDA approved and has virtually no side effects, so it can be safely used by anyone looking to leverage its power to optimize health.

Why is red light therapy so effective at aiding in exercise recovery?

While red light therapy is used most frequently for skin health and aesthetics, it’s grown in popularity in the last few years as a tool for exercise recovery, and it’s so effective for this purpose for a few reasons.

First, at the heart of red light therapy is its ability to force our cells to release toxins, and, in the case of post-exercise soreness, the release of toxins includes the release of lactic acid – the main cause of soreness – from our muscle cells. Releasing waste in our cells can also reduce pain and inflammation, which are two other common post-workout experiences.

Second, cells treated with red light are naturally forced to take in more oxygen, which plays an important role in building muscle and burning fat. So, by making your muscle cells more effective at leveraging oxygen, you can not only recover faster but can also potentially see the results of consistent exercise sooner. 

Maximize the recovery benefits of red light therapy with Superhuman Protocol

It’s clear that red light therapy can be a powerful tool for those wanting to maximize the impact of their workouts and minimize recovery downtime, but, with 10X Health’s Superhuman Protocol, we can leverage the combined powers of magnetism and oxygen to prime our body for red light therapy and increase those positive results.

Superhuman Protocol is a three-step wellness treatment where each step builds on the prior to have a profound impact on our bodies and our health. In step one, Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) are pumped into the body, which separates our cells and recharges them. Then, in step two, we take advantage of those free-flowing cells and create an oxygen-rich environment for maximum energy production through exercise with oxygen training (EWOT). 

Finally, red light therapy caps everything off by increasing oxygen intake in each individual cell, leading to even faster muscle recovery. 

Ready to add red light therapy to your exercise regimen to improve recovery and reduce that post-workout soreness? 10X Health is now booking appointments for our innovative Superhuman Protocol in Aventura, FL. Schedule your first appointment today

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