Aging is inevitable, but growing old doesn’t have to be

Often the first noticeable sign of aging, wrinkles are known for causing that “ah-ha” moment where people realize they are getting older, and it makes sense. Think about it – our skin is exposed to so much throughout our lives, like sunlight, air pollution, chemicals, and more, all of which combined will lead to wrinkles eventually.

While there are plenty of treatments on the market today that can help to target wrinkles and reduce the visible signs of aging, red light therapy is a somewhat new option, and it has tons of benefits outside of its anti-aging effects.

What in the world is red light therapy and how does it help with wrinkles? Let’s dive in and learn more about it.

What is red light therapy?

Red light therapy is a treatment that involves flooding your body, skin, and cells with red light, most often delivered through a light bed (think tanning bed, but without the unhealthy UV rays and wrinkly skin that comes with it).

This FDA-approved therapy has been proven for its ability to supercharge and regenerate your cells for improved skin, reduced inflammation, increased athletic performance, and more.

When you lay in the bed and the red light kicks on, that light passes through your skin and into every cell in your body. From there, it enters the mitochondria of your cells, forcing them to release unnecessary gasses and take in oxygen, which promotes detoxification, elimination of waste, and regeneration in general.

How does red light therapy reduce the signs of aging?

With all of these improved functions at a cellular level, your body can now repair itself more efficiently and restore your body from the inside out. In addition: 

  • Red light therapy helps your skin take on a more youthful appearance and, that’s right, reduces the look of wrinkles, too.
  • Red light also improves the tone, texture, and thickness of your skin while improving elastin, fibrin, and collagen at the same time.

The Superhuman Protocol

While effective on its own, we at 10X Health have developed the Superhuman Protocol, which includes red light therapy to really 10X our patients’ health benefits. Our three-step process is designed to give the healing power back to the human body through:

  • Magnetism – where we leverage Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields to separate your red blood cells into free-flowing cells.
  • Oxygen – where we pump highly-concentrated oxygen into your body while you move your body, increasing intake of oxygen into your cells.
  • Light – where we leverage the superpowers of red light therapy and maximize the oxygen intake into your cells.

The combination of these three innovative treatments only takes 38 minutes from start to finish, and each step works together to restore order in your body in its own unique way. With red light’s ability to really maximize the benefits of the three-step process, it’s the largest chunk of the Superhuman Protocol, and we would argue the most important, as well. 

Want to see for yourself how red light therapy can help with wrinkles (and so much more)? 10X Health is now booking appointments for our innovative Superhuman Protocol treatment in Aventura, Florida! Book online today.

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