Your Path to Optimal Wellness Starts with Your Blood

May 25, 2023 | Blog, Blood Testing

How can 10X Health’s blood testing program benefit my health?

Blood testing is often one of the very first steps our clients take on the journey to 10X their health because it can tell us so much about the current state of their health as well as where their health could be with effective and highly customized intervention. 

Our blood testing program is unique both in what we analyze and the way in which we analyze your blood. We take an exhaustive look at your blood and thoroughly evaluate over 70 different biomarkers — exponentially more than your doctor would look at with a standard blood test at their office. We also take our test results a step further and provide specific recommendations based on your results to help you address deficiencies and optimize your system from the inside out. Each of our clients is also assigned a dedicated wellness advisor who can help you get the most out of your individualized program.

Who should get blood testing for their health?

Anyone looking to identify deficiencies or pitfalls in their health and bodily processes is a good candidate for our blood testing program, but there are some specific symptoms that may be a good indicator that a blood test is necessary to identify issues. 

For example, maybe you get sick a lot or just don’t feel your best most of the time. Or, perhaps you have trouble getting out of bed due to tiredness and struggle with that midday crash that interferes with your productivity. Maybe you have trouble recovering or struggle with brain fog. All of these, and more, could be issues with one or more deficiencies in your body.

But, you don’t have to be struggling with your health to be a good candidate for our blood testing program. In fact, many of our clients use our blood tests to optimize their systems to help them live their best possible life. Just because you feel great doesn’t mean every single thing in your body is great. But, a blood test can identify those issues and help you improve. 

Who is not a good candidate for blood testing?

While almost everyone can benefit from knowing more about their health and pinpointing deficiencies, not everyone is a good candidate for blood testing. We generally don’t recommend blood testing to anyone under the age of 18.

What type of blood test does 10X Health offer?

Our blood test is one of the most detailed and thorough tests available. We evaluate more than 60 unique biomarkers to deliver a personalized and comprehensive report that outlines what you’re missing and where you can optimize.

Our blood test is rooted in three core pillars: blood sugar, hormones, and nutrients. Each pillar plays an important role in how your body functions, and, when one or more of these areas are unbalanced or not functioning, it can lead to an array of consequences. 

In the first pillar, blood sugar, our test looks specifically at glucose levels in your blood. Since glucose is what your body uses for energy, if these levels are too high or too low, symptoms like fatigue or brain fog may be present. 

Second, we analyze your hormones to ensure your hormones are performing at an optimal level in your system. Hormones are the messengers of your body that regulate everything from metabolism to mood, libido, weight, and more. When there’s a hormone imbalance in the system, you may notice things like low libido or sudden weight gain.

Lastly, we test for a few key nutrients that your body needs to thrive and ensure you’re not deficient in those vitamins and minerals. These deficiencies usually indicate an issue with your methylation cycle — which is how well your body processes nutrients into usable forms — and a gene test can help us fill in the blanks and explain those deficiencies more clearly.

On top of these three pillars, there are several other key biomarkers that can inform us about some piece of your overall health puzzle, so to speak. From your thyroid function to your endurance levels to immunity, a blood test is a snapshot of your entire body.

How can I prepare for my blood test with 10X Health?

Preparing for a 10X Health blood test should look similar to how you’d prepare for routine blood work at your doctor’s office. Avoid things like alcohol or smoking in the days leading up to your test to ensure your blood is free of toxins. Also, if you like to do an intense workout in the morning, maybe skip your workout on the day of your test so that your blood pressure is normal and your heart rate is lower, too. 

Your unique preparation will depend on a few different factors, like your lifestyle, diet, and medications, so be sure to discuss preparation requirements with the 10X Health team when you schedule your test to ensure your results are as accurate as possible.

Is fasting required before getting a blood test?

Yes, fasting (or withholding food) for 8-12 hours is required before your blood test. This is because we’re measuring things like your glucose, cholesterol, or vitamin B12 levels, which can be skewed if you’ve recently eaten.

Can I still take my medications before a blood test?

Again, depending on the type of test you’re taking, it may be advised that you not take any medications or supplements right before a blood test because some medications may interfere with your test results and give an inaccurate reading. 

Since we’re often testing hormone and vitamin levels through our blood tests, 10X Health recommends that our patients skip their supplements before a blood test, but taking any prescription medication is usually okay. Be sure your wellness advisor is aware of any medications you’re currently taking, and they can advise if you can take it or need to skip the dose until after your sample is collected. 

How much does blood testing cost?

Blood tests through 10X Health are $599. However, as is the case with anything related to your health and wellness, the investment is certainly worth the return you get.

At 10X Health, you get exponentially more than you’d get from a standard blood test recommended by your primary care physician, from before you take the test to long after we share your results. You’re paying for us to thoroughly evaluate 60+ unique biomarkers that each tell a piece of the story of your overall health. We can tell you which vitamins you’re deficient in, whether or not your hormones are performing at the optimal level, and how well your system regulates glucose levels — among many, many other things.

You are also paying for the support of a wellness advisor after your results are in who can help you interpret the data and our analysis. They can also help you understand the path forward and how you can respond to any deficiencies or issues we identify through your personalized protocol. From supplements to other wellness treatments, we take a highly customized approach — because there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to an individual’s health. 

Are blood tests covered by insurance?

Since our tests are much deeper than ones you’d get from your doctor and are often used to identify inefficiencies versus diagnosis of health issues, most insurance providers won’t cover your 10X Health blood test.

How do I interpret the results of 10X Health’s blood testing program?

Receiving your blood test report from 10X Health can feel overwhelming because we are evaluating so many different biomarkers and pinpointing the source of any symptoms you may be experiencing. But, you’re not left alone to interpret your results! All of our blood testing clients are assigned a wellness advisor that will not only walk you through your results to help you understand the data, but that will also help guide your next steps through your personalized protocol.

How long does it take to get results?

Our blood test program is in high demand, and we want to ensure we’re delivering a thorough and highly personalized report when we return your results. It usually takes anywhere from six to eight weeks to receive your results, but your wellness advisor can give you a better idea of the lead time at the time of your test.

How accurate are the results? 

The nice thing about blood testing is that we are simply measuring levels of different hormones, vitamins, proteins, and more, and then we’re plotting them against a normal average range. This allows us to provide highly accurate results to our clients. 

For example, a normal and healthy glucose range is somewhere between 76 and 115 mg/dl (or milligrams per deciliter), so we can test the levels of glucose in your blood to determine if it falls within that range or not. 

Will my blood test results be kept confidential?

Absolutely! Your health is incredibly personal, and client privacy is one of our top priorities. We will never sell or share your data with anyone, and we can even destroy your records by request at the termination of your engagement with us. We also protect client safety and privacy by ensuring we are HIPAA compliant. Your personal information is safe with us and is for client use only! 

How often should I do blood testing?

We recommend all clients get a blood test every six months while on their program. This is because, as you begin a new program, we’ll be working with you to fine-tune it for the best possible outcomes. Once you start hitting your goals, we’ll want to continue to tune the experience to maintain positive changes and minimize negative outcomes, like side effects or overstimulation. 

What should I do if I receive an abnormal result on my blood test?

First, don’t panic! Every abnormality we may uncover through a blood test can be addressed, fixed, or treated in some way, shape, or form. One of the things that makes our blood test program unique is that our wellness advisors will walk you through abnormalities on your test and answer any questions you may have. We don’t leave you alone to interpret an abnormal result. 

We also provide specific recommendations in your personalized protocol that will address any abnormalities we found, so you will not only recognize them but take action to optimize your health, too. 

Can I speak with a healthcare professional after receiving my results?

Yes! We’ve mentioned our wellness advisors a few times in this post, and they are what make our blood testing program so effective for our clients. These folks are experts in their field and aim to be just as dedicated to your health goals as you are. They are knowledgeable and understanding and are tasked with being your main advocate as you start your personalized protocol — there to answer questions, offer guidance, and share their extensive knowledge with you. 

If you’re ready to get started on your journey to optimal health, a blood test is a great place to start! Learn more about our blood testing program and schedule your test today.

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