How do you know when you need red light therapy? 

While we sometimes get clients coming to us looking for a very specific treatment or service, many times, when someone comes to 10X Health for the first time, they are coming to us with some — or many! — issues with their wellness and are looking for a customized plan to address their goals and challenges. 

For these clients, we always start with a genetic test and blood testing to establish a baseline and try to pinpoint the cause of their concerns. Things like weight gain, brain fog, or low energy can often be attributed to inefficiency with genes or hormone production and utilization, so testing is the best first step to building a personalized plan.

Although we prefer to leverage our team’s expertise and real data from testing to design customized plans, there are still some general rules of thumb we use to determine when a specific therapy is right for our client. 

When it comes to red light therapy, there are a few situations where red light therapy is recommended and can be incredibly beneficial, like when looking to improve skin, reduce inflammation or pain, or aid in faster muscle recovery.

Red light therapy for skin

One of the most common reasons we recommend red light therapy to clients is when they come to us looking to improve the tone, texture, or thickness of their skin or heal specific areas, like scars or acne. The reason red light therapy is so effective for skin is that red light penetrates deep into the cells and promotes the release of toxins, many of which are the source of skin issues. And while toxins are being released, red light also boosts the production of collagen, making skin appear tighter and clearer.

For everything from wrinkles and fine lines to acne or scars, red light therapy can also aid in quicker cell turnover, which can improve the look of skin and reduce the look of imperfections.

Red light therapy for pain

Because of its ability to regenerate and restore cells from the inside out, red light therapy is also often recommended as a treatment for pain and inflammation, and it’s effective for a few reasons.

First, red light therapy promotes blood flow and increases the amount of blood that reaches inflamed or painful areas, making it easier for your body to heal itself. Second, red light therapy increases the amount of oxygen that your cells are taking in and using, which makes your cells more effective at carrying out normal bodily functions, like repairing damage or reducing inflammation. 

Red light therapy for muscle recovery

Finally, for those wanting to recover from workouts faster and increase the impact of workouts, red light therapy can be a great addition to a regular exercise routine. 

In the same way that red light prompts cells to release toxins that cause skin impurities, red light therapy can also encourage your cells to release toxins that cause muscle soreness, so you can skip the rest day and get right back to putting in the work. 

While a lot of people seek out red light therapy to help them reach specific goals or treat a specific problem, right light therapy has some wonderful benefits for just about anyone looking to level up their wellness routine or simply take better care of their body. 

One of the great things about red light therapy is it is FDA-approved for a variety of wellness benefits and is safe for almost anyone to do on a regular basis. In fact, consistency is key when starting red light therapy, and continuing to bring red light into your wellness regimen is the best way to maximize the results in the short and long term.

Ready to see what red light therapy can do to help you 10X your health? Book an appointment for 10X Health’s innovative Superhuman Protocol today! 

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