Where Did the Superhuman Protocol Come From? 

The Superhuman Protocol allows for clients to experience a whole-body-360 solution to restore a lifetime of neglect and naturally boost health and performance. The Superhuman Protocol can be used by anyone at any stage in their wellness journey. 

Improving the body both inside and out through the use of Earth’s three elements – Oxygen, Magnetism, and Light – is where the heart of The Superhuman Protocol lies. Empowering people to take control of their wellness journey, in cooperation with these three elements, is the goal of 10X Health’s Superhuman Protocol. 

Why The Superhuman Protocol Works 

Each of the three elements included in the Superhuman Protocol have extreme effects on each other. The Protocol works in order–Magnetism, Oxygen, then Light. 

When you begin the Superhuman Protocol by laying on “The BioCharger” mat, pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) are pumped into your body, allowing your red blood cells to separate and making them more susceptible to the introduction of oxygen – recharging you at the cellular level. These PEMFs are a safe way to stimulate healing and increase blood flow. 

This is the prime time to begin the exercise with oxygen (EWOT) part of the Protocol. Charged cells allow for 30% more oxygen absorption. The mask used with the Superhuman Protocol allows for no outside air to enter into the mask–you’re breathing 93% pure oxygen. Normally the air we breathe is 21% oxygen

The hyper-oxygenated air you breathe with the mask on allows for more oxygen in the blood, and with cells that are spread apart from the PEMFs, the ability for the body to absorb light is at its peak. 

The red light therapy used in the Superhuman Protocol encourages the body’s cells to rejuvenate, improving soft tissue healing, reducing inflammation, and helping to ease chronic pain. The light also allows for a calming effect on the mind and body, making this the most relaxing portion of the protocol. 

The Superhuman Protocol is Different from Other Health Treatments

There are many singular therapies that claim to improve your health and bring you to the next level in your wellness journey. Some examples would be supplemental oxygen therapy, massage therapy, music therapy, magnetic therapy, and even hypnotherapy. While each of these therapies may be helpful in their own way, they may be more helpful when complemented by other therapies. 

10X Health’s Superhuman Protocol consists of three therapies that work together to produce the best results. Combining magnetic therapy, oxygen therapy, and light therapy into one treatment maximizes the effectiveness of each of the therapies. Magnetism opens the door for oxygen therapy to work more efficiently, and oxygen therapy aids in light therapy working its best.  

The Superhuman Protocol enables your entire body to receive and benefit from the three therapies included in the treatment. Do not count yourself out, the Superhuman Protocol can be followed by any individual, in any condition, who wants to bring their health and wellness to the maximum level possible. The Superhuman Protocol is a treatment anyone can improve from. 

Why You Should Try The Superhuman Protocol 

The Superhuman Protocol is a way for you to get your body in top working condition. The steps within the program utilize natural elements in a way that optimizes their benefits to your health. The Superhuman Protocol is not a program that will force you to change what you’re doing in terms of your health and wellness, it will only enhance what you’re currently doing. 

If you have tried countless ways to reach your peak of health, but have not tried the Superhuman Protocol, it may be something that will push you to that next level. The Superhuman Protocol may be utilized by anyone of any age, in any condition, and in any stage of making health and wellness a priority in their lives. 

For questions about The Superhuman Protocol and how it can help bring your wellness and health journey to the next degree, contact us at 10X Health!

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