Genetic testing is not just for research labs anymore

Genes and DNA have been at the center of a lot of prominent health studies in the past few decades, and scientists have discovered some really interesting things about humans and how our bodies work from this research. Through research, scientists have been able to draw correlations between gene mutations and many common health conditions and even identify unique therapies to treat some health conditions.

But, in the last decade or so, gene tests have made their way out of research labs and into consumers’ hands as a way to learn more about their bodies and unique health needs.

There are lots of different types of genetic tests available on the market today, and each can tell you something different, but we at 10X Health offer a methylated genetic test, which essentially measures how well your body can take nutrients and turn them into usable forms for your cells.

With this type of test, you can learn a lot about your health including diseases you may have or be at risk for developing and even specific lifestyle choices you can make to optimize your body’s form and function.

Genetic testing for health

By taking a deep dive into your body’s methylation cycle and the enzymes that help your body function in tip-top shape, we can help you identify core issues that may be directly affecting your quality of life. 

The methylation cycle, which works thanks to a gene called MTHFR, is involved in nearly every process in your body, from detoxification to repairing damage to producing energy and even regulating hormones. What’s more, even a small mutation can significantly impact the efficiency of these processes and cause a host of other health issues along the way.

44% of the world’s population has a mutation that makes it challenging to produce enough MTHFR, so, in other words, 44% of the population has a less-than-optimal methylation cycle and may experience health issues because of it.

Genetic testing for disease

Another potential consequence of a broken methylation cycle is that your body may be deficient in vitamins that are crucial to bodily functions or may cause health disorders because of that deficiency.

For example, vitamin B12 deficiency has been linked to dementia and other neurological disorders, and vitamin C deficiency can weaken your immune system and make it harder to fight off illness.

As with any health disorder, early detection is key to either curing or managing the condition, and a genetic test can help you do just that. 

What’s the genetic testing process?

While a lot happens behind the scenes to process and analyze your sample after it’s received by our team, the process for you is actually quite simple!

After ordering an at-home test kit, you’ll collect a sample of saliva by swabbing the inside of your mouth and place the sample in the mail for our lab to analyze. After analysis is complete, you’ll get the results of your test along with a comprehensive health optimization roadmap to help you balance your body and perform at an optimal level.

Behind the scenes, we are looking at specific biomarkers that each tell us something unique about your health while at the same time measuring where the most impactful improvements can be made.

Knowing where you have deficiencies or mutations that are making it hard for your body to perform at an optimal level is invaluable, and genetic testing provides you with the most comprehensive snapshot of your body’s health to help you make lifestyle changes that will directly impact your health and longevity. 

Ready to learn more about your unique genetic makeup and get expert recommendations on how to 10X your health? Order your at-home genetic test today, and our 10X Health team will take it from there!

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