The Power of Protein Powder

Proteins aren’t called the building blocks of life for no reason. Every cell in our body, from the red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout our systems to the muscle cells that keep us strong, contains protein. So it comes as no surprise that doctors and wellness experts alike emphasize healthy sources of protein as an integral part of your diet. 

While protein in food isn’t hard to find, it isn’t always the most convenient. That is where protein powder can be a lifesaver! Many people turn to protein powder, a dietary supplement, to receive the amount of protein they need, without the hassle of cooking, meal prepping, or worrying about expiration dates. 

For athletes, those who have a hard time getting enough protein through food alone, and people who are always on the go, protein powder is a convenient way to get the protein they need without sacrificing time or quality. But how much protein do we really need, and what does our body do with the protein it receives?

How Our Bodies Benefit From Protein

It is estimated that the average human needs only 0.36 grams per pound of body weight in protein per day to maintain bodily functions. However, for some people, that amount doesn’t suffice. The elderly and physically active adults need more protein. According to a study published by the NIH, these groups of people could benefit from consuming up to 2x the amount of recommended protein, especially after a workout.

The amount of protein consumed after an exercise is a key factor in muscle growth, conditioning, and recovery. For young people, the optimal amount of protein post-exercise is right around 20 grams. At this rate, muscle protein synthesis (MPS), the process by which amino acids are bound into skeletal muscle protein, is maximized. 

As adults age, our bodies become less sensitive to smaller amounts of protein and may need up to 40 grams of protein to activate MPS to similar levels post-exercise. For many people, protein powders are the best way to scale up their protein intake to see the results they want no matter their age. 

While protein powder helps us build muscle mass, there are many other physiological reasons why increasing protein can benefit our bodies. Protein can help heal muscles, aid in weight loss, and is foundational in human development for children, teens, and those who are pregnant. If you have been struggling to get adequate protein, and missing out on the benefits, it might be time to consider adding a protein supplement to your diet. 

Is Protein Powder Right For You?

We’ll be the first to say it: protein powder can get a bad wrap. Whether you had a scoop of a friend’s who swore it was the best flavor they have ever had or bought a container after your favorite influencer promoted it only to hate the texture, you aren’t alone. While you might have gotten burnt in the past, not all protein powders are the same! It is more than likely you just haven’t found the right protein powder for you. 

There are tons of different types of protein powder available on the market. Most of the time they are broken into two categories: plant protein or animal protein, also known as whey.  No matter the type, an average protein powder can contain 20-30 grams of protein per scoop, making it ideal for post-exercise recovery, smoothie enhancement, or extra nutrients when you’re feeling low.

Like any dietary supplement, protein powder is designed to be an addition to a healthy diet. It’s important that you research what ingredients are in your protein powders and select the one that aligns with your dietary needs, wellness goals, and any ongoing health concerns.  

Whether you reach for a steak, a bowl of lentil soup, or a nutrient-packed protein shake, getting enough protein in your diet shouldn’t wait. For athletes, teens, and aging adults, protein plays an invaluable role in keeping our bodies and minds at peak performance. Having protein powder on hand ensures that your body never runs out of the building blocks it needs! 

Dietary supplements are the best way to keep you on track to meeting your wellness goals. Contact one of our trained 10X Health professionals to uncover which of our supplements are right for you! 

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