What Exactly Are Genes? 

Genes are the basic unit of inheritance. They are passed from parents to children and contain the roadmap for biological and physical traits. Genes direct specific processes in the body by coding for proteins. A gene’s primary function can be broken down into four categories: 

  • Genes can encode proteins to build something in the body like muscles or bone 
  • Genes can encode proteins to direct the body to do something like flex a muscle or grow hair
  • Genes can encode proteins to indirectly support a bodily function, like assisting with blood flow 
  • Genes directly influence our physical appearance through eye color, hair color, skin tone, etc. 

Each person has a unique genetic profile that contains from 20,000 to 30,000 genes. However, all humans are 99.9% identical in their genetic makeup. That .01% can lead to major differences from person to person, which is why gaining a better understanding of how genes interact with the environment they are a part of is so important. Figuring out how your genes are functioning could provide answers to prolong your life and avoid the onset of many diseases. 

Learning About Your Genes Through 10X Health’s Genetic Test

If you feel like your body isn’t living up to its potential, that something isn’t working properly but you don’t know what it is, 10X Health’s Genetic Testing could provide the answers to turn your wellness around. 

How The Test Works

10X Health’s genetic testing process is simple and easy, but the results could be life-changing. The test includes three steps: 

  1. At-Home Testing: We will send you a kit and instructions on how to take the test. No needles are needed — just a cotton swab. The entire test can be completed in a few minutes. 
  2. Expert Analysis: Our experts will review the results of your genetic test and provide you with a report, along with recommendations to improve your wellness, based on what your genetics tell us. 
  3. Personalized Supplement Protocol: We will help you best understand not only where you are now, but what your body has the potential to become. 

What You Will Learn About Your Genes

The most vital thing you will learn about your genes from 10X Health’s genetic testing is the one thing that determines everything else in your body — what genes are functioning the way they should be, and what genes are not. We will review your individual results with you and give you guidelines to make improvements so that your optimal wellness can be achieved. 

10X Health’s genetic test provides you with the most comprehensive snapshot of your current well-being along with a plan to reach your optimal state.

Why You Should Take 10X Health’s Genetic Test 

No one can change your genes, but you can learn to make your genes function in the best possible way. Improving gene function is the intention behind 10X Health’s genetic testing.

Genes transform everything you put into your body into a usable format for your body. Proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, nutrients, etc. all have to be converted by your body to be used by your body. If your body cannot convert something, you’re left with a nutrient deficiency which can cause real problems. 

By looking at your genes, and learning which nutrients you are deficient in, you’ll be able to correct that deficiency quickly and move towards a healthier you. If nutrient deficiencies compound over time, they can turn into diseases that are not easily healed. 

10X Health’s genetic test only needs to be taken once. Improving your well-being should be something you’re interested in, and our test provides the opportunity for you to fine-tune your wellness. 

The information obtained by 10X Health’s genetic testing can change the way your body functions from the inside out, bringing you to the best wellness of your life. Order your genetic test or reach out today to find out how our genetic testing can take you to the next level! 

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