How We Age

Our bodies are complex, and as we go through life, it is normal for damage or mistakes to occur in our cells or tissues. These changes don’t usually pose a problem in our younger years because our body can repair itself — or it has the reserves to repair itself — more quickly. As we age, the ability to “bounce back,” or repair damage, decreases and results in our bodies showing signs of aging. 

Some signs of aging can be seen on the outside — wrinkles, age spots, and gray hair — while other signs of aging happen on the inside — weakening muscles, less flexibility, and slower cognitive response. Aging is inevitable for any living thing, but there are ways to naturally slow down this process that we all go through. 

Naturally Reducing the Signs of Aging

Turning back the hands of time doesn’t have to be as impossible as it sounds. Lifestyle, environment, and movement are all important factors when it comes to aging — maybe just as important as genetics. Instead of looking for outside ways to halt the aging process, it may be beneficial to look inward and consider some natural ways to slow the process. 

Red Light Therapy 

Red light therapy (RLT) is a treatment that uses low-wavelength red light to improve the skin’s appearance, such as reducing wrinkles, scars, redness, and acne. RLT works on the mitochondria of the cells by pumping them full of energy so that they can do their job of repairing damaged cells, boosting new cell growth, and rejuvenating the skin more efficiently. 

RLT may not only be beneficial for your skin’s outward appearance, it may offer many benefits to slowing the aging process on the inside of your body as well. Red light therapy helps regenerate cells, restore cell function, and increase blood flow — all of which help in relieving pain and inflammation within the body. RLT can help with arthritis, joint, muscle, and tendon pain thereby slowing the progression of aging in these areas. 

Another area of the body where right light therapy may reduce the signs of aging is the brain. Research is increasingly demonstrating the benefits of using red light therapy for dementia, stroke, depression, anxiety, and other brain conditions. RLT may enhance the metabolic capacity of neurons in the brain causing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant responses which could potentially help with memory or mood conditions. 

RLT is safe, non-invasive, and painless. It can rejuvenate cells in the body from the inside out, making it a natural, chemical-free way to reduce the signs of aging. And, did we mention that it’s FDA-approved, too? 


You cannot stop yourself from aging, but you can slow the process down by eating a healthy diet and making smart lifestyle choices like not smoking. Making sure to get the necessary amounts of the vitamins and minerals that support a strong, functioning body is important. As we age, supplementing those vitamins and minerals makes sense. 

Aging brings with it many changes, including how our bodies absorb vitamins and minerals. What worked when you were younger may not work as you age because nutritional needs can change based on what’s happening in your body. Staying on top of what your body needs nutritionally to maintain optimal wellness may make a difference in the pace at which your body ages. 

Many supplements are available that support healthy aging by promoting bone health, increasing muscle mass, preserving brain function, and protecting against disease. Before beginning any supplement routine, though, you should speak with a healthcare professional. 

IV Therapy 

IV therapy may sound like a new concept for reducing the aging process, but it has been available for some time and is gaining popularity. IV therapy can deliver nutrients, hydration, and a boost to your immune system. It can also be customized to your specific needs, making it a personalized approach to your wellness goals. 

IV therapy provides nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system, to ensure optimal absorption and utilization by the body. IV therapy can combat the signs of aging and promote a more youthful appearance. Specialized IV drips containing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that support skin health, boost collagen production, and provide ultimate hydration may help in reducing the signs of aging. 

IV therapy is typically associated with a hospital setting, however, there are many wellness and medical clinics that offer the service (like 10X Health!). It’s important to do your research before receiving this therapy. Make sure you’re seeing an experienced provider, the location is clean, and you know where their vitamins are sourced from. 

Where to Find These Natural Ways to Reduce Aging 

All three of these paths to reducing the signs of aging are available through 10X Health. We offer many ways for our clients to redefine their wellness and reach their goals naturally. This includes red light therapy, supplementation, and IV therapy. 

As a client of 10X Health, you will receive expert advice on what paths to reducing aging may benefit you the most. We take your personal goals and turn them into achievable targets through the services we offer and the products we provide. 

Interested in how 10X Health can help you naturally reduce signs of aging? Contact us today! 

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