No one can deny that maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle is important for both men and women. Men and women have different wellness needs; some concerns are unique to women, and some concerns that affect both men and women can affect women differently. Supporting women’s wellness is important, and 10X Health does that in some exceptional ways. 

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Hormones are chemicals that coordinate different functions in your body by carrying messages through your blood to your organs, skin, muscles, and other tissues. These signals tell your body what to do and when to do it, and are essential to your wellness. A condition that anyone can suffer from is a hormone imbalance, but hormone imbalances affect men and women differently. 

Women may experience hormone imbalances in estrogen and progesterone levels, whereas men are more likely to experience imbalances in testosterone levels. Some of the symptoms of a hormone imbalance for a woman may include insomnia, brittle bones, breakouts or rashes on the skin, weight gain or loss, and mood swings. 

One different challenge for women in terms of their hormones, compared with men, is managing menopause. Estrogen levels fall during menopause, even during early menopause which can occur between the ages of 40-45. There are various symptoms that accompany menopause, some of them include irregular periods, hot flashes, sleep problems, mood changes, weight gain, and decreased metabolism. 

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is an effective, and commonly used, treatment for the symptoms connected with hormone imbalances and menopause. While some providers administer synthetic hormones for HRT treatments, 10X Health uses bioidentical hormones made from plant-based substances that mimic the hormones naturally created by the body. HRT is not only effective in treating hormone imbalances, and the symptoms that may accompany menopause, it may also be effective at improving sleep quality, boosting energy levels, and increasing libido. 

10X Health can test to see if you have a hormone imbalance through a simple blood test, but more on that later. HRT is a treatment that can support a woman’s wellness and help women feel like their well-being is on track. 

Supplements for Women’s Wellness

Many adults in today’s world take daily vitamins to look and feel their best. Supplements are mainly vitamins but also include minerals, botanicals or herbs, amino acids, botanical compounds, and live microbials. Supplements can help you reach your daily requirement of certain nutrients, and serve as a way to improve or maintain your overall wellness. 

Women and men can both benefit from taking supplements, but the recommended dietary allowances set by the National Academy of Sciences are broken down by female and male needs in addition to age groups. For women, the differences are most dramatic during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and before and after menopause. Some differences in nutrient needs are due just to differences in typical body size between most men and women.

10X Health offers a range of supplements to help women feel their best, improve symptoms associated with many conditions, and achieve the necessary daily intake of certain nutrients leading to enhanced overall well-being. We source only the finest, most high-quality ingredients on the market, and do not dilute our supplements with fillers. We also can tailor a supplement plan to your individual needs by using your results from our blood or genetic test. 

Optimal Well-being Starts with Testing

10X Health’s blood and genetic testing provide the necessary insights to determine what personalized HRT or supplement protocols would work best for your unique physiology. The results you are provided with will not only provide the information needed to craft these customized plans for you, but they will also provide you with a snapshot of your current health, and let you know if you have any gene mutations that may be responsible for certain nutrient deficiencies. 

Blood Testing

If you suffer from brain fog, insomnia, low energy levels, fatigue, mood swings, or any symptom that seems out of place, getting your blood tested could uncover the source of the issue. The 10X Health blood test looks at over 70 biomarkers of health in your blood. 

Our blood test will swim upstream to uncover nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, glucose levels, and more, to create a comprehensive snapshot of your current state of wellness. Taking a close look at all of these elements in your blood will provide us with the feedback needed to put together a customized protocol tailored exactly to your needs and areas of opportunity. Our personal wellness advisors will review your blood test results with you and answer any questions you have, as well as check in with you throughout your wellness journey to help keep you on track to achieving your wellness goals. 

Genetic Testing

If you’re not feeling the way you want to feel and are suffering from any of these symptoms: anxiety, depression, poor sleep, gut issues, weight gain, brain fog, high blood pressure, a bad temper, and more, a 10X Health genetic test can uncover what’s really happening in your body. 

A genetic mutation may be to blame for why you’re not feeling your best, as 44% of the world’s population suffers from a gene mutation on the MTHFR gene. The medical professionals at 10X Health look specifically at this gene which is responsible for the methylation cycle in your body that turns raw materials into usable forms for the body. Knowing whether you have this gene mutation will help identify the root cause for the symptoms you’re experiencing, and inform the correct protocol to support them. 

The 10X Health genetic test is simple, only needs to be taken once in your lifetime, and will supply you and your care team with the knowledge to optimize your wellness for life. 

10X Health supports women’s wellness through our hormone replacement therapy, our supplement offerings, our blood and genetic testing, and so much more. Giving yourself the opportunity to know where your wellness stands, and making adjustments to fix what is out of place, grants you control over your well-being and your life. Let 10X Health help you along your wellness journey. 

Want to know more about how 10X Health can support your wellness journey? Reach out to us today! 

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