Always seek the very best solutions for your wellness

There has been a massive shift in the wellness industry in recent years. People are no longer settling for the bare minimum when it comes to their well-being, and they are willing to spend more time and money than before to ensure their wellness is in tip-top shape. In fact, the Global Wellness Institute estimates that the wellness economy will grow to nearly $7 trillion by 2025

This shift will ultimately lead to a healthier population and the emergence of new technologies and therapies to help people reach their wellness goals.

At 10X Health, we’re on a mission to 10X people’s wellness throughout the world by enhancing human performance. In support of that mission, we always encourage our clients to seek the very best solutions to accomplish their wellness goals, and the 10X Health genetic test is a great place to start.

What’s the best genetic test?

The best genetic test depends on a variety of factors, like what you’re looking to learn from your genes through your test and accessibility of testing. Therefore, with so many different types of genetic tests available to consumers, the definition of “best” may be different from person to person. 

But, for those looking for the best genetic test to help them level up their wellness, 10X Health is the best choice! Here are three reasons why 10X Health’s genetic test ranks above the competition: 

1. Get detailed insights about five actionable genes

We know how powerful knowledge and understanding can be when it comes to your wellness, so we provide as much detailed information as possible when we return your test results. Our test is also the only at-home test on the market that analyzes this specific subset of five genes that each play a critical role in your bodily processes.

The 10X Health genetic test looks at MTHFR, MTR, MTRR, AHCY, and COMT. Each of these five genes plays a unique role in the methylation cycle, or our bodies’ ability to process raw materials into usable forms. A genetic test you’d get from your doctor doesn’t usually focus on these, but they are equally important to your overall wellness as the rest of your genetic makeup. 

2. Get detailed explanations of your results with the option to speak to a provider

Something you won’t get to the same extent with any other at-home genetic test is the level of detail provided in your results. We work hard to ensure you know exactly what your results mean and how you can respond to them through lifestyle changes or supplementation. 

Once you complete your genetic test with 10X Health, you can also choose to speak to a Wellness Advisor who can walk you through your test results and personalized protocol. They’re meant to be your advocate as you embark on the journey to optimize your wellness, and they’re a host of knowledge to answer questions and empower you with all the knowledge you need.

3. Build a supplement regimen based on your genes

Most at-home genetic tests will send you your results and that’s it. But, here at 10X Health, we take it a step further because your wellness journey is just beginning, not ending. 

Based on your results, we’ll provide you with a personalized supplement protocol and other recommendations of therapies that can address genetic mutations or deficiencies and get you on the right track. By using your genes to guide the creation of a personalized protocol, we can ensure your supplement regimen will fill voids your body actually needs and, more importantly, that the voids we’re filling will move the needle in a bigger way overall.

Considering genetic testing for wellness? Choose 10X Health.

If you’re ready to take control of your well-being, a genetic test should be your first step. Purchase your at-home genetic test from 10X Health today!

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