The 10X Health Precision Genetic Test 

Finding what works for you in the health and wellness arena can be difficult. There are so many choices when it comes to training programs, nutritional plans, or supplements that uncovering the right one for you can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and costly. What if there was a way to determine exactly what will work for you? There is! 

10X Health has (literally!) 10X’d its genetic test to an upgraded version: the 10X Health Precision Genetic Test. Precision is an appropriate name for this test because it precisely analyzes over 50 genes in the body that are related to nutrition, health, and wellness. When that analysis is complete, you are provided with a comprehensive report detailing exactly what will work for you to achieve optimal wellness, fitness, and nutrition. 

Not only are you provided with a Nutrition Analysis, a Weight Analysis, and a Precision Nutrition Plan, but you are also supplied with specific recommendations about what you should be eating, what exercises will work for you, and what supplements may be beneficial to your wellness. 

Based on your genetic makeup, a concrete plan is put in place that will get you to your wellness goals. The guesswork is gone; you no longer have to “see what works.” The 10X Health Precision Genetic Test is tailored directly to your needs! 

The Benefits of the 10X Health Precision Genetic Test

The prime benefit of the Precision Test is that it’s customized to your individual needs. The value of a tailored approach in reaching your wellness goals cannot be ignored. With that personalization in mind, here are some other benefits to consider:

400+ Page Precision Genetic Analysis: This is your guide to your genetics and how your genes are working for you. A thorough analysis of more than 50 genes is broken down and explained focusing on how your genes are affecting your nutrition, weight, and methylation. Your personalized Weight Analysis, Nutrition Analysis, and Precision Nutrition Plan are part of this 400 page guide. 

Precision Nutritional Supplements & Drip IVs: Based on your results, you can choose to take your nutrition journey to the next level with 10X Complete Precision Nutrition Supplements or (at select Reviv X locations) a Precision IV. The formulas for these supplements and IV drips are customized to your genetic information, ensuring optimal nutrient absorption and a targeted approach.

Food Insights and Recommendations: Your comprehensive guide will also include information about what nutrients your body needs to thrive. Your genes reveal what nutrients they need to work properly, and 10X translates that into what foods you should incorporate into your diet and which you should leave behind. Whether you’re looking to maintain your current weight or lose a few pounds, this insight can be a valuable tool in your wellness journey.

Fitness Recommendations: The days of working out hard and not seeing results are gone. Based on your genetic makeup, we will recommend fitness strategies that will work best for your unique genetic makeup. Specific exercises that complement your genetics, whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle, will be provided. 

Weight Management Supplement: If weight loss is one of your wellness goals, a personalized pre-meal supplement that blocks carbohydrates and fats can also be ordered. These supplements, based on your genetic makeup, enhance essential nutrient absorption and decrease the absorption of nutrients that cause weight gain. 

The benefits of the 10X Precision Genetic Test are truly more specific and individualized than any other nutrition and wellness plan available. The Precision test is for you and your needs. It reveals what is best for your body based on direct information from your body and your genes. 

How to Reap The Benefits of the 10X Precision Genetic Test 

The process of gaining all of the benefits of the 10X Precision Genetic Test is very simple. Follow these steps to start your personalized journey to optimal wellness: 

Step One: Order the Precision Genetic Test from 10X Health. Collect a saliva sample, and send it back to us in the provided envelope, then wait for the results. You only need to do this test once, as your genes do not change. 

Step Two: Receive your comprehensive 400+ page roadmap to wellness. Your personalized results will be provided to you detailing exactly what you need to do to reach your goals. Food choices, exercise recommendations, and more are part of this life-changing packet. 

Step Three: Order your customized 10X Precision Supplements. Curated from the information provided from your genetic data, these supplements are made specifically for you. These one of a kind supplements erase the need to try anything else. 

Let 10X Health help you reach optimal wellness through the 10X Health Precision Genetic Test. Take a personalized approach to being the person you want to be on the inside and out. 

Order your 10X Health Precision Genetic Test today!

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