What is PEMF therapy?

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, and, when used as a health treatment, can help charge up our cells to help them function more efficiently. PEMF therapy works to improve cell function by stimulating and instigating healing at the cellular level throughout the body. 

Think of our cells like tiny batteries that each need to be charged to work effectively. As the day goes on and we leverage the energy our cells have already produced, these batteries slowly drain, leading to tiredness and lower efficiency in bodily processes. Without energy, our cells cannot carry out key functions, like pumping blood, removing toxins, or metabolizing food into nutrients. 

What PEMF therapy aims to do is encourage our cells to regenerate that lost energy by increasing electrolytes and ions in the cells, stimulating cellular metabolism, and increasing energy levels within the cells.

For clients looking to reap the benefits of PEMF therapy, we offer PEMF as part of our Superhuman Protocol, which you can experience in one of our offices. The “Biocharger Mat” can be used by nearly anyone of any age, regardless of their current health, and can provide a lot of great benefits to our bodies and health.

Benefits of PEMF on health & wellness

When you use the 10X Health Biocharger Mat, your body is exposed to low-field pulsed electromagnetism that mimics Earth’s natural magnetic field. This increases your body’s production of electrolytes and ions, creating space for oxygenation while kickstarting metabolic function and healing at the cellular level.

This comes with a variety of benefits, including:

Increased blood circulation: A natural part of aging is a decrease in natural “pulses” that move through the body, which is why you may feel you can’t move as quickly as you age or your reflexes aren’t as strong as they once were. PEMF can increase that pulse frequency, making it easier to pump blood through the body and increasing oxygen and nutrient delivery to various organs and tissues.

Improved toxin removal: As blood flow is increased, the lymphatic system is able to more effectively remove and carry toxins away from the cells, paving the way for oxygen and other essential nutrients to promote cellular function. Improved toxin removal is also important for maintaining a healthy immune system.

Accelerated healing: PEMF is frequently used to reduce inflammation and promote healing in the body, and it’s very effective at doing so. By improving cellular metabolism and overall function, the body is better equipped to heal injuries from the inside out. 

Harness the power of magnetism, oxygen, and light

While PEMF is a powerful wellness tool on its own, when combined with the power of oxygen and light, we can really maximize the benefits on your body and overall health. This particular combination makes up the Superhuman Protocol, an innovative wellness treatment that provides complete cellular restoration in 38 minutes.

PEMF is step one in the Protocol because it primes our cells for increased oxygen intake and utilization. In step two, we’ll create an oxygen-rich environment in your body by flooding your system with oxygen and doing some light exercise, which encourages our free-flowing cells to take in more oxygen. Lastly, we’ll lock everything in with red light therapy, which encourages the release of toxins and utilization of oxygen in each cell’s mitochondria, leading to improved energy, faster healing, and reduced pain and inflammation. 

For more information about Superhuman Protocol and how it can help you 10x your health, check out our recent blog post.

Ready to see how the Superhuman Protocol can help you optimize your health? The team at 10X Health is now booking appointments in Aventura, FL! Learn more about the treatment and schedule your first appointment today

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