How does red light therapy work?

Red light therapy is such an effective health and wellness treatment because of the unique way it affects our bodies upon contact. As red light enters our cells, it targets the mitochondria and encourages the cell to release unnecessary gasses and other toxins in exchange for increased oxygen, which supercharges the cells into being more efficient and effective.

Frequency of treatment will depend on what you’re looking to treat

As with any wellness treatment, there is not a “one size fits all” recommendation to maximize your results, because not every person will respond to red light therapy the same. Depending on your skin type and what you’re looking to treat, you may benefit from more frequent or less frequent treatments than another person. 

The best way to find out how often you should get red light therapy to reach your goals is to speak to an expert – like the folks at 10X Health system – who can provide recommendations based on your unique situation. But, in general, red light therapy is recommended at the following frequencies depending on the specific condition you’re treating.

Red light therapy for skin

Our clients looking to improve the tone, texture, or thickness of their skin, repair sun damage, or treat acne typically see the greatest benefit from red light therapy by doing three to five treatments per week.

Many people will start to notice changes in their skin after just a few treatments, but it can take up to a few months for desired results. For skin, you’ll probably want to do red light therapy long-term in order to maintain the improved look and feel, because our skin cells turnover very quickly, and previously-treated cells can be replaced by untreated cells within a few weeks. 

Red light therapy for muscle recovery

For muscle recovery, it’s generally recommended you do a short red light therapy treatment before or after each high-intensity workout. The red light can help your muscles repair the small tears created from working out or lifting weights much faster, so it’s most beneficial the closer you are to a workout. 

If you’re still noticing soreness even after a single treatment, you can try a red light therapy session before and after a workout or add red light therapy in the days between your intense workouts to help make your cells more efficient at repairing damage when the next workout comes around.

Red light therapy for pain relief 

For pain or reducing inflammation in the body, more frequent treatments may be required to feel any significant relief, depending on the level of pain you have. For significant or chronic pain, you may get the best benefit from red light therapy once or twice a day, and for more minor pain, a few times a week may be all that’s needed.

Red light therapy is a very safe treatment (and is FDA-approved) so there really isn’t a risk of overdoing the exposure to red light. As you start ongoing treatments, some trial and error might be helpful to determine the exact frequency at which you start feeling relief from pain. 

Investing in your health should be a priority

While it can feel like a big commitment to add red light therapy to your ongoing wellness regimen in order to sustain positive results, investing in your health should be a priority. And, with 10X Health’s Superhuman Protocol, you can maximize the results you get from red light therapy by prepping your body with the powers of magnetism and light.

Ready to see how red light therapy can help you 10X your health this year? Our team is now accepting new clients for our innovative Superhuman Protocol in Aventura, FL! Book your first appointment today. 

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